Moots Vamoots RSL – A Quick Overview of a Top of the Line Titanium Bike Frame

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Material: Over-Sized Double Butted Seamless 3/2.5 Titanium with 6/4 Titanium Chainstays

Geometry: Stock Moots Vamoots Road Race Geometry.  Available variable headtube length or Full Custom geometry.

Price Category: Frameset: $4500-$5500. Built bikes $7000+.

Components: Factory Spec or Fit Werx Rider Matched.

Who is it for?  The Moots Vamoots RSL is designed to offer the lightweight and responsiveness that attracts people to carbon fiber, while preserving the lively, tractable ride associated with titanium.  As an added bonus, unlike the vast majority of carbon fiber frames, the Moots Vamoots RSL offers durability and a frame built with quality and materials capable of lasting a lifetime of riding along with the exceptional Moots stability and ride.

Noteworthy: The Moots Vamoots RSL is as no compromise a bike as you can build in titanium.  When it comes to fit (when fit to the rider and designed properly), ride quality, responsiveness, weight, stability, quality and durability the Moots Vamoots RSL rates very well.  Possibly the very best titanium road frame on the market when it comes to attention to detail and tolerances, the Moots Vamoots RSL is a very capable performer that features classic race lines and modern features.

Bottom Line:  What type of bike is built when a company takes a singular focus on maximizing what is possible with a single material?  The Moots Vamoots RSL happens.

The Moots Vamoots RSL sports over-sized butted titanium tubing, chainstays, a large BB30 Press Fit bottom bracket shell to maximize power transfer and stability at speed and an oversized headtube and tapered Moots carbon fork.  With DNA born in the twisty mountain roads of Colorado, the Vamoots RSL is a strong and active bike that offers balanced lateral stiffness and climbing performance that is competitive with top level carbon bikes.  From a fit perspective, while the stock frame geometry is longer and lower than average and designed around reactive handling, Moots also offers custom geometry and options on each Vamoots RSL.  Stock or custom, if you start with a Fit Werx fitting, we can make sure we find and/or design the very best match for your needs.

The Moots Vamoots RSL gives the rider who has previously been dedicated to carbon fiber a distinctly unique option to consider while also giving the rider already familiar with the distinctive ride and durability offered by high-quality titanium a bike that doesn’t have the word “compromise” in its vocabulary.

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