Moots Routt – Quick Overview of a Go Almost Anywhere Titanium Adventure Bike

Moots Routt – Quick Overview of a Go Almost Anywhere Titanium Adventure Bike

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Materials: U.S. Made 3/2.5 Seamless Titanium
Geometry: Stock Moots Vamoots Endurance Road geometry.  Available variable headtube length or Full Custom geometry.
Price Category:
Frameset: $3500-$4500. Built bikes from $4700+
Factory Spec or Fit Werx Rider Matched.

Who is it for?   The rider looking for that classic balance of liveliness, comfort and stability found in the Moots Vamoots discussed above, but who wants to be able to use tires up to 700×35 and desires the progressive strength, consistent performance across weather/terrain conditions and improved modulation of road disc brakes.

Noteworthy:  A true all purpose road bike that is at home on the pavement as it is on the dirt.

Bottom Line:  The Moots Routt can be a a narrow tire based road bike or it can be a wider tire adventure bike or it can even make a cyclocross platform for the occasional race.  With a disc specific frame construction and tubing selection that uses a tapered headtube paired with Enve’s respected carbon disc CX fork, there isn’t much to complain about here.  If you like the sounds of the Vamoots DR, but want to use wider tires, the Moots Routt offers similar handling and ride characteristics.

The Routt may become the most popular Moots at Fit Werx due to how well it works for such a wide variety of recreational and spirited light competition riding.  For the rider looking to have one bike that can truly do all as well as possible with as little compromise, the Routt is a strong contender.  With the Routt, you could explore the backroads one day, switch wheels/tires and be in the midst of a fast group ride the next and be on a great bike for the application on both days.  We’ve even had some folks put eyelets on bikes like the Routt and be ready for some light touring.  When it comes to versatile performance, the Routt is one bike that does it all well while offering the legendary long-term durability and ride of high quality titanium.

A more detailed review on the Moots Routt can be found here.

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