Where you buy your bike is often far more important than what you buy.  This is why a Fit Werx bike, production or custom, is built to your bike fit/positioning numbers. This approach guarantees that your new bike is focused on what is most important when it comes to performance and comfort – you and your riding.

When building your new bike, Fit Werx technicians take a “zero defects” attitude in their work in order to provide you the most consistently adjusted and smoothest running bicycle possible. The time we spend making sure that the frame is aligned and faced/chased properly pays off in greater precision, less mechanical resistance and better wear – all helping your bike work better and last longer.  Click to see the steps of a Fit Werx Pro Build.

When we deliver your new bicycle, we take the time to ensure the bike meets your needs and is appropriately adjusted for you. We educate you about the operation and maintenance of your new equipment and share our knowledge and experience so that you immediately start to enjoy the benefits of your bike.

How is the Fit Werx Pro Bike Build different from how bikes are built at most shops?

Most bikes that come from the factory are designed to be put together as quickly as possible to save costs at the manufacturing and shop level. This might be fine for bikes that are toys, but it is not fine for a piece of precision machinery where tolerances and details matter.

While the average bike assembly at most bike shops takes under an hour, and is often done by untrained mechanics making minimum wage, the average Fit Werx Pro Bike Buid takes 5-9 hours and is completed by a career based technician.  The steps of a Fit Werx Pro Build are outlined here.

Fit Werx Bike Set-up Measurements.

Review the documents below to see where the measurements from your bike fit positioning documentation from your Fit Werx bike fitting are taken.

* Road Bike Positioning Measurements Shown/Explained (PDF)
* TT/Tri Bike Positioning Measurements Shown/Explained (PDF)