Mavic is more than just great wheels

We have 2009 products coming in each week now and I don’t think we have been more excited about anything we have received than the new additions from Mavic. They have expanded their offerings this year with new wheel models, shoes, a very technical clothing line, updated computers, and pedals (available after the new year).

The wheel sets from Mavic have long been the benchmark in terms of reliability and performance. They have made improvements to one of their most popular wheel sets that debuted last year with the addition of the R-SYS Premium. The R-SYS has quickly become one of the lightest and most torsionally rigid climbing wheels on the market. This year with the addition of the Premium version they have added carbon dust caps and a titanium axle and skewers. This only saves about 10 grams of weight, but the new black rims and hubs are sure to be a hit. If you have not given these wheels a ride, stop in and take our demo set for a spin and you can judge for yourself how well they soak up our wonderful Vermont roads.

The newest wheel from Mavic takes the best features of the wheels in the Cosmic line and combines them together for a wheel that is the perfect blend of aerodynamics, light weight, stiffness and the practicality of a clincher. What more could you ask for? When Mavic introduced the Ultimate last year, they developed the R2R spoke technology that used a single carbon spoke that stretched from one side of the rim to the other, while wrapping over the hub in the center. This design minimizes weight while increasing the torsional stiffness significantly. Now you can enjoy the torsional stiffness of an all carbon wheel but in a clincher version. This wheel has lots of features not found in its competitors and is sure to put smiles on the faces of all those clincher fans.

New to the Mavic lineup is the addition of Mavic branded shoes. These shoes were designed from the ground up with the priority of proper fit. Mavic started the design process by scanning a 3D image of thousands of feet. From this they found the optimum ratio of length to width which just happens to work very well for my feet. I have always found the Italian shoes a bit narrow and when I found the most comfortable width, there was always extra length. The new Mavic shoes fit very snug all over without any extra pressure to ruin the comfort. The parent company that owns Mavic also owns Salomon and Arc’teryx and the shared relationship with these performance apparel companies shows in the new shoe line. Mavic has been making shoes for years now and marketing them under the Adidas brand name. The new line bearing the Mavic name shows a dramatic improvement with new technologies that improve performance and fit. The Pro Road model could cause some waves for the Italian shoe manufacturers. Featuring a carbon sole that is only 5.5mm thick, your foot will be set closer to the spindle for optimal power transfer. You can greatly reduce the rotating weight with this shoe coming in at 295grams for a size 10.5. That is competitive with the lightest shoes in its category and Mavic will be debuting a shoe that is more than 60grams lighter in the near future. So, what’s all this mean to you? You can now get a shoe that fits better, is lighter, has a full carbon sole, and saves you a few bucks. The new shoes from Mavic are sure to shake things up.

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