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Voted #1 Bike Shop in America by readers of The Active Times in 2013 and 2015. One of Bicycling Magazine’s ‘29 Must Visit Shops’ and ‘Top 100’. Top 50 Triathlon Dealer.

Rider Matched Bike Sales

A better bike fit is just the start of what leads to a better bike from Fit Werx. Learn more about the advantages of buying your new bike from Fit Werx.

Rider First Bike Fitting

"As humans, we are each too individual for a “bike first” selection process to be a consistent way of selecting the most interactive piece of equipment many of us will ever own." - Ian Buchanan, Founder of Fit Werx

Production & Custom Bicycles

Including Cervelo, Trek, Guru, Parlee, Eddy Merckx, Ellsworth, Moots, Gunnar/Waterford, K.Bedford Customs, Independent Fabrications, Felt and others.

"Never Been More Comfortable!"

“This morning I was able to put a few hours in with the new position and I have never been more comfortable. I just wanted to thank you again!” – Chad, NY

What Does A Good Bike Fitting Look Like?

“Went for a quick ride when I got home and LOVE the bike. It’s more maneuverable, better turning radius, lighter, accelerates more easily, easier on my hands and neck – LOVE IT! Really glad I spent the bucks for a much better ride.” -Annie, VT

Buy the Right Bike the First Time

Our Rider Matched process ensures that you buy the right bike the first time, thus minimizing your future costs and maximizing value.

Rider First Bike Fitting. Rider Matched Bike Sales.

Fit Werx is changing the way people ride and buy bicycles. Since 2001, we’ve taken a “Rider First” approach to bike fitting and a “Rider Matched” approach to bike selection and sales. Both put the most important part of the bicycle first – you.

Whether you are getting a new bicycle or we are working with your current bike, the result of working with Fit Werx is a bicycle that enhances your riding experience with every turn of the pedals – a bicycle that makes riding more fun and helps make your goals a reality.

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Read What Our Clients Say About Us:

Kaylee Pingree
Kaylee Pingree
15:41 09 Feb 21
I am mainly a runner with a level of basic road cycling skill and knowledge. I bought a used 2010 Trek Madone off Facebook a year ago, but have been noticing small discomforts from basement Zwifting and other summer treks; a little hand numbness and seat discomfort. I am not fluent in cycling terms and don't have the latest and greatest bike, but I really wanted to avoid injuring myself from not having a proper fit. My research led me to the team at Fit Werx and I don't regret any part of my decision. I had a bike fit with Mike on Thursday and really enjoyed the whole experience. The whole team was very inviting, never making me feel out of place, uncomfortable, or that I wasn't part of the cycling community. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to articulate what was going on or give them enough information to work with to fix my problems, but that wasn't the case at all. Mike asked tons of questions and made a bunch of changes to my current bike. We discussed changes that could be made in the future if I don't find my new settings comfortable. I left with all of my settings saved to a usb drive along with instructions on how to reset things if anything comes undone. I have since done two workouts and am more than happy to report I no longer experience the numbness. One better, my handlebars came loose while I was riding and I had to replicate one of my settings. Because of the materials provided to me after my fit, I was able to recreate the positioning easily. I will definitely be working with these guys if I buy another new or used bike going forward. Thank you again to Mike, Marty, and the rest of the more
steve a
steve a
23:29 14 Oct 20
I had a Fitwerks fitting done today by Dean and was very happy and impressed with the professionalism, expertise and his willingness to discuss the entire process to me and patiently answer all of my questions. While no major changes needed to be made, the number of small changes made to the geometry of my bike and the adjustments made to my shoes resulted in a new and very pleasurable experience when I went on my 1st post-fitment ride when I got home.After I had to cancel my 1st appointment two weeks ago due to an unexpected hospital visit, Marty was extremely understanding and was able to reschedule me today to get the fitting done. I appreciated his understanding and his ability to accommodate me so quickly.While it's only been a few hours and just one ride completed, I am extremely pleased with the fitting, the process and, most importantly, the great staff at Fitwerks Peabody for making me feel welcomed and treating me like I was their most important customer. Over time, I suspect that the work done today will result in many pleasurable and painfree more
Michael Doherty
Michael Doherty
22:44 28 Aug 20
Dean led me through a comprehensive fit this afternoon with professionalism and mastery. I came in to improve some discomfort that I had been having in the saddle (numbness mostly).We first improved my overall fit by moving all of the adjustable positions of the bike around, and then worked through a number of saddles (including some that I had brought of my own) to improve my comfort. After making adjustments all over my current setup (shoes and cleats included!), Dean was able to get me to a place that was much more comfortable.Couldn't recommend FitWerx anymore -- if you spend more than a few hours a week in the saddle, come see these guys!read more

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Are you ready to ride better, faster and more comfortably?

Fit Werx, a Bike Shop focused on Professional Bike Fitting, Production & Custom Road, Mountain & Triathlon Bikes. Fit Werx, a Bike Shop focused on you. Watch the video to learn more about how Fit Werx can help experienced riders and racers achieve their goals.

Are you a novice rider?

Are you wanting to learn how to be more comfortable and ride better or increase your distance? Fit Werx can help you improve your riding experience. Watch the video to learn how Fit Werx can help a newer rider enjoy cycling or triathlon more.

Why do we need Rider First Bike Fitting?

Much of what made getting a new bike so special for previous generations had been lost. It shouldn’t be this way. Knowledge of the human body and the biomechanics involved in cycling has progressed markedly.

Our “Rider First” fit process gathers the information necessary first to help you find a bicycle and cycling products that go well beyond just being pieces of equipment.

Our approach bridges the benefits of modern science and technology with the connection and passion of the old world craftsman.

The result is a bicycle that becomes an extension of your body and helps you explore and achieve like never before.

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What is Rider Matched Bike Sales?

The first step of a Rider Matched Bike Sale is to identify your goals and recognize your needs, such as riding more often and going further without your lower back hurting or setting a new PR at your next triathlon.

After assessing your riding position and working with you to determine what bike brands and models will fit and work best for your body, budget and goals, we carefully set-up the selected bike (or other equipment) to match your riding position.

We stand behind our work and the products we have recommended with service, support and a risk free guarantee.

The result? A better riding experience and a better bike that helps you achieve your goals.

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