Rider First Bike Fitting

“Information is now available to take the guesswork out of bike selection and to solve many comfort and performance limitations.”  – Ian, Fit Werx Founder

Never compromise with a rider first bike fitting.

Rider First Bike Fitting
A “Rider First” approach to bike fitting and bike selection mates the needs of the rider with the potential of the equipment and offers an alternative to traditional bike shops.

Regardless of the price point of the bike, the experience level of the rider, or the type of riding, our “Rider First” approach eliminates compromise and helps your bike work as well as possible.

Our “Rider First” process is not the same fit as what you will find at a bike shop – if it was, we would have never survived.  From pedaling technique and posture, to actual bike set-up and the fitter you will work with, a Fit Werx fitting is different.

Our Rider First philosophy creates a bike of exceptional long-term value that goes well beyond just price; it creates a bicycle that truly enhances your riding experience with each turn of the pedals.

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