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Waitsfield, VT 05673

Phone: (802) 496-7570

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Fit Werx Vermont Hours –

Fit Werx is about you.

We offer bike fittings, equipment sales/consultations and bike service by appointment Wednesday-Saturday.

Contact us to schedule.

About Fit Werx Vermont – Q&A

What Type of Rider Works With Fit Werx Vermont?

Riders and triathletes of all levels who value the benefits of a one-on-one personalized approach work with us.

While the media has recognized our work with Olympians and Pro Tour competitors, the “average” person that we work with rides for recreation and personal pleasure. If you are seeking the knowledge, equipment and service to ride a bike more comfortably and efficiently, we look forward to helping you ride better.

The majority of Fit Werx Vermont clients are referrals from current/past clients.

What Services Does Fit Werx Vermont Offer?

New Bike Fittings & Bike Sales: Fit Werx Vermont works with riders and triathletes of all experience and ability levels to match great bikes to their riding position and use.

Bike Fittings on Your Existing Bicycle:  We fit riders of all levels who own a bike already who want their bike to fit them better and who want to learn how to ride better.

Periodic Fit Assessments for Past Fit Werx Fit Clients: Your riding position is as dynamic as you are. If things have changed since your fitting, we’re happy to assess your position and technique again.

Custom Cycling Footbeds: Fit Werx staff has been making custom rigid sole athletic footbeds since 1995. We have made thousands.

Bike Mechanical Service, Upgrades & Repair: Fit Werx Vermont is proud to provide a full range of one-on-one repair and maintenance services by appointment.

We encourage planning ahead (winter is the ideal time for your big annual service) as our capacity is most limited in the spring/summer.  Service priority is given to folks with bikes that were purchased through a Fit Werx location, but we do service bikes bought elsewhere as time allows.

What Bike Brands Does Fit Werx Vermont Offer?

A listing of the different bike brands that Fit Werx is an authorized dealer can be found here.

In addition to the listed brands, we have access to some other specialty bike brands and builders. Contact us if you are interested in a specific builder or bike.

What Parts & Accessories Does Fit Werx Vermont Offer?

In addition to the wheel, bike and power meter brands discussed through our site, Fit Werx Vermont stocks or has access to the vast majority of parts & accessory brands that sell through independent bike dealers.

Who Will I Work with at Fit Werx Vermont?

Fit Werx Founder Ian Buchanan, long-time employee and cyclist Bruce Bell, civil engineer turned mechanic/technician Jeff Warner are Fit Werx Vermont. We work one-on-one, by appointment, with riders for all bike fittings, sales and services.

Fittings are provided by Ian, who has fit over 4000 athletes, from pro to novice. Fit Werx is a destination and serves athletes from as far away as Asia and Australia and works regularly with athletes from much of the United States and Canada.  Certainly not to be forgotten, we work with riders and triathletes who live and ride in our own backyard in Vermont as well.

Why is Fit Werx Vermont by Appointment?

While working by appointment means that we can’t serve everyone as quickly as some folks like, it helps us provide the level of service and consistency that you deserve. If you value personalized and consistent interaction with people who are passionate, research driven, and have decades of experience making bikes work better for riders, we think you will like how we operate.

If you are interested in scheduling a bike fitting or service appointment – contact us.

If you are interested in the Fit Werx approach to bike fit and service, but with higher fitting and service capacity, walk-in hours and more in-store bike inventory, please consider our location in Peabody, MA. Dean and Marty will take very good care of you.

Can I Just Come-in to Look at and Talk About Bikes and Fit?

Definitely. We’re happy to find a time for you to come in and look at bikes. We’re also happy to talk to you about what we offer and let you see our facilities so that you can decide whether we are the right place for you.  Contact us to schedule.

If I Buy a Bike from Fit Werx in Vermont, Can it be Serviced at Another Fit Werx Location?

From Massachusetts to Vermont to New Jersey, Fit Werx has locations across more of the northeast than any other bike shop or fit studio.  Regardless of the Fit Werx location you work with, all Fit Werx locations are there to support you.  For example, if you get fit and buy a bike at Fit Werx – Vermont, you can get your complimentary first service or have it accessorized in one of our locations in Massachusetts or vice-versa.

Where is Fit Werx in Vermont?

Fit Werx Vermont is in the Mad River Valley Town of Waitsfield. Located just 14 miles of I-89 between Montpelier and Burlington. The Mad River Valley is home to Mad River Glen and Sugarbush ski areas and offers some of the prettiest and challenging road and mountain biking in the state.

Vermont is our home for a number of reasons – the changing seasons, the scenery, the variety of sports, and the people. Many athletes take the opportunity to enjoy working out in our hills skiing, snowshoeing, riding and hiking. We encourage you to take some time to relax and enjoy the best of what Vermont has to offer and, especially if you have a significant other who is not so into riding, consider pairing your visit to Fit Werx with a great romantic getaway! Please visit the Mad River Valley Chamber site to learn more about all our Valley offers and visit “Travel to Fit” to learn how we’ll add even greater value by covering the costs of your trip if you buy a new bike!

Some bike friendly lodging options in Waitsfield can be found here and please contact us if you would like help with lodging options and packages.

When are Appointments Available at Fit Werx Vermont?

We offer appointments Wednesday through Saturday throughout the year on a first-scheduled, first-served basis.

Bikes purchased at Fit Werx receive priority on the service schedule.  However, we provide service work on most makes and models of bikes, regardless of where they were purchased.

Call or email to schedule.

How Do I Make an Appointment at Fit Werx Vermont?

Just contact us via phone at 802-496-7570 or email. If you call and you get voice mail, we are likely just working with another rider. Please leave a message.

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Rated the "#1 Bike Shop in America", Fit Werx is a Vermont bike shop near Burlington, VT focused on road & triathlon bikes, fitting and service for riders of all levels.

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