Make the Most of Your Bike With an Existing Bike Fit

In an Existing Bike Fit, we provide individualized recommendations on changes you can make to your existing bike and to your body mechanics to create comfort and efficiency. If you choose, we can make some or all of these changes to your bike immediately following your fit to guarantee that the position on your bike matches the position established on the Size Cycle (parts & labor priced separate).

Documentation:  You receive cycling posture analysis video showing your position before and after your fitting as well as documentation of your riding position.  The documents include all the key measurements needed to establish your position on any bike.

Time: 2-4 hours.

Credits Towards a New Bike:  The information from this fitting can be used anytime in the future to help you find the right new bike and part of the cost of this fit may be credited towards the purchase of a new bike through Fit Werx at anytime. Contact us for additional information or to schedule.

Been Fit At Fit Werx Before? Have Things Changed? Time For A Review?

The Periodic Fit Assessment is for riders and triathletes who have had a fitting with us in the past and are ready for a review because something has changed (injury, advanced rider skill, riding more/less…); who want a refresher on their posture and technique; who want to verify things before buying a new bike; who want to experience newer fit technology/tools; or who just want to keep digging deeper into the details of their positioning potential.

The Periodic Fit Assessment is a streamlined version of our full fitting procedure that minimizes redundant elements that are unlikely to have changed, like skeletal measurements. It is priced at a discount as it takes less time than your initial fitting.

Like your initial fitting, you receive a digital workbook that documents your position and technique before and after your fitting and includes all the key measurements needed to establish your position on any bike.

Time: 2-3 hours.

The information from this fitting can be used anytime in the future to help you find the right new bike at anytime. Partial credit for this fitting towards a new bike is frequently available. Contact us for additional information or to schedule.

Serving riders of all abilities since 2001, we pride ourselves on approaching bike fit scientifically and individually. This is why people travel from around the world for a Fit Werx fitting. We were quite possibly the first place to bridge the specialization and knowledge of the very best bike fitting studios with the selection and services expected of a great specialty bike shop.  We offer attention to detail, a level of experience and an array of services and products that is found in only a very small number of places in the country. We are also one of the pioneers in providing next generation fittings using the postural and muscular concepts of Bike Fit 2.0.

1. Comprehensive Interview: Every Fit Werx fit starts with a detailed interview that covers everything from your cycling goals and riding habits, to injuries as well as existing problems with your current bike fit. The more we know about you, your riding and goals, the better we can help.

2. Limb and Skeletal Measurements By taking skeletal measurements, we gain knowledge on how your body is proportioned. It is important to note that these measurements are designed to give us general perspective as to how you are proportioned and do not directly determine the end riding position. Formulaic/equation based fittings (common on the internet) are inconsistent at best.

3. Alignment, Range of Motion and Stability/Balance Analysis: We assess your range of motion/mobility and balance/stability to build a position around your individual capabilities and needs.  Assessment results are used on the size cycle to help you better understand your role in changing postural and technique habits that may be contributing to issues and to determine whether additional fit based accommodations may make sense.  Additional information on this Bike Fit 2.0 approach can be found here.

4Cleat Alignment & Custom Cycling Footbed Assessment: Strong buildings are built on strong foundations. A good fit is not any different. After assessing your skeletal structure for functional and structural limb length differences and reviewing the dynamics of your foot and leg biomechanics, we can stabilize your feet and legs for greater power, comfort and injury prevention. Often we will recommend custom cycling footbeds and cant wedges to accommodate for pronation/supination and forefoot varus/valgus. We make sure to put your feet, legs, pedals and shoes into the most aligned and powerful position possible.

5. Bike Fit 2.0 Size Cycle Session:

Proper Position + Proper Muscular Awareness/Balance = Greater Comfort & Greater Speed. It is crucial to recognize that the fitter and the process being used are far more important than whether a piece of software or “type” of fit (Retul, FIST, etc.) is used.  Bike fit in not defined by the tools, but rather by how those tools are used and the information they provide.  It is the carpenter, far more than the hammer that matters.

A Fit Werx fitting is defined by our Bike Fit 2.0 process.  We pair cycling science based positioning fundamentals to the rider as an individual with kinetic connections related to the rider’s muscular balance, posture and technique. 

This being stated, Fit Werx offers one of the most complete fitting “tool kits” anywhere. When used properly by a qualified and experienced fitter, an adjustable Size Cycle combined with modern motion capture video analysis technology provide exceptional information

Motion analysis technology, from companies like Dartfish Motion CaptureRetul and CompuTrainer, helps us see your position as you pedal while helping us explain key technique and postural elements that are necessary for you to understand if you are to get the most out of your position and bike. A Fit Werx fitting also includes a gebioMized Pressure Scan to assess saddle pressure, muscular imbalance, pelvic tracking and alignment.

The end result is two-fold:  1)  A personalized position based in cycling science that encourages a rider to perform as efficiently and as comfortably as possible.    2)  A rider with greater awareness on where to focus posturally and muscularly is far more likely to solve longer term chronic issues (saddle discomfort, numbness, back/knee issues…). The combination helps you truly reach your potential and riding goals.

To read more about motion capture analysis for bicycle fitting, click here. To read more about pressure scanning for bicycle fitting, click here.

6. Apply the data

We take the results of your fitting from the size cycle and build a computer design template to find the production bikes that fit you best or to design and build the ride of your dreams. Once the best Rider Matched Bikes for your riding position are known, we’ll discuss the other important variables beyond fit to help guarantee that you make as confident and as informed decision as possible. This guarantees that you not only get a bike that fits as well as possible, but that also rides as well as possible for your individual needs. There is no reason to compromise.