Parlee Unveils the Ouray

Parlee Unveils the Ouray

Parlee’s Newest Road Bike, the Ouray, Has Arrived

Parlee is proud to introduce a new high-performance endurance road bike to their line. The Parlee Ouray is positioned between the RZ7 aero road bike and the Chebacco performance gravel bike in their lineup.   The Parlee Ouray is designed using Bob Parlee’s 25 years of experience in carbon design, combined with the modern features that are expected of an endurance road bike, like a capacity to use 700×38 tires and a geometry that inspires confidence.   The well-thought-out geometry and tire options make a wide variety of rides on the Parlee Ouray even more enjoyable.

What’s in a Made-in-Europe Carbon Frame

Parlee has partnered with a European factory that specializes in high-quality carbon fabrication. This decision helps Parlee maintain their high level of oversight while utilizing a new lay-up process. The Parlee Ouray is the first production frame offered in a “waxed” finish instead of the usual paint.   The waxed finish uses a clear wax polish that highlights the craftsmanship involved in constructing the frame – there is no paint covering the carbon – and what you see is the actual meticulous details of the carbon.   As a bonus, a waxed finish is about 100 grams lighter than a painted frame.   Prior to the Ouray, a waxed finish was only available on Parlee’s top-of-the-line Z-Zero models that are made in Massachusetts.

Related, the bare frame provides a perfect canvas for any paint design the rider desires from Parlee’s custom paint shop for those who would like a personalized paint scheme on their Ouray.

The sloping top tube, dropped chainstays and advanced construction method of the Parlee Ouray make it vertically compliant while maintaining lateral and torsional responsiveness. This results in a comfortable ride without compromising pedal power transfer to the rear wheel.

Parlee Ouray Frame Weight

The Parlee Ouray is a very light bicycle frame; it weighs only 830 grams for the medium size. This puts it on par with, or even lighter than, many of its ultralight competitors. However, a bike’s weight alone is not the sole determinant of its riding quality. Parlee’s 30 years of expertise in carbon frame design and manufacturing enables them to create a frame that offers not only a lightweight construction but also an exceptional ride feel. The combination of ride quality, weight, and versatility of the Parlee Ouray make it one of the best all-around bicycles available in the market.  There isn’t much it doesn’t do well and there is a lot that it does.

Modern Touches

The Parlee Ouray is a road bike designed to make riders feel confident and comfortable on challenging roads. Its low bottom bracket and relaxed seat tube angle allow the rider to stay centered over the bike. Additionally, the size XS of the bike has a standover height of less than 70cm. This makes it easier for smaller riders to ride the bike comfortably. The bike’s frame is designed to accommodate modern drivetrains with internal brake routing and electronic drivetrain only. It also features a modern UDH rear derailleur hanger and T47 bottom bracket, which help to future-proof the frame.

Parlee Ouray Component Menu

The Parlee Ouray bike offers 12 different combinations of parts from both SRAM and Shimano from the factory. But that’s not all – every Parlee bike can be tailored to the rider’s preferences and fit parameters from the factory.  The bike’s seatpost, stem, crank, and handlebars can all be size-matched to fit the rider’s ideal position without having to buy replacement parts, as happens with most factory bikes.  In case Parlee doesn’t provide what you need, the Parlee Ouray is also available as a frame only that our master technicians can build to match you perfectly.

Parlee Ouray Considerations

The Parlee Ouray is a versatile and high-quality road bike that is suitable for mixed-use rides, including both paved roads and well-traveled dirt paths. However, if your rides tend to include more off-the-beaten-path dirt roads, you might want to consider the Parlee Chebacco, which is an adventure gravel bike that can handle both pavement and Class 5 roads with ease. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sleek aerodynamic road bike, then the Parlee RZ7 might be the better option for you. Its frame design cuts through the wind while using smaller-width tires. This aerodynamic design creates a frame that is slightly heavier than the Ouray.

Who Should Look at the Parlee Ouray

Any rider who is looking for an excellent all-around road bike that is light, responsive, versatile, and offers some aero benefits should consider the Parlee Ouray.


If you’ve been fit by us before, we can use your fit information to see if an Ouray fits you well.   If not, now is the right time to get a rider first fitting at Fit Werx so that we can match you to the best bike options.  Contact us here for more information

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