Moots Vamoots CR – A Racier Titanium Bike Offering from a Titanium Specialist

Moots Vamoots CR – A Racier Titanium Bike Offering from a Titanium Specialist

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Materials: U.S. Made 3/2.5 Seamless Titanium
Geometry: Stock Moots Vamoots Road Race geometry.  Available variable headtube length or Full Custom geometry.
Price Category:
Frameset: $3500-$4500. Built bikes from $4700+
Factory Spec or Fit Werx Rider Matched.

Who is it for?  A steeper, quicker and more aggressive Vamoots, the CR rider likes the concept of the classic ride, performance and durability of titanium, but wants the more aggressive look and quicker handling of a steeper top tube slope combined with shorter chainstays and steeper head tube angle.

Noteworthy: The stock geometry on the Moots Vamoots CR allows for some adjustment in head tube height at no extra charge and this is one race capable bike that won’t need to be replaced next year (or for many years after that…).

Bottom Line:  The tubing on the Vamoots CR has a lot of similarities to the original Vamoots and thus provides that great balance of compliance, snap and durability that make a Moots standout.  However, the CR has steeper geometry angles and shorter chainstays and thus a quicker handling package than the standard Vamoots.  If your rides tend to be fast and tight and you like bikes that go where they are pointed quickly and with authority, but not at the expense of ride quality, the Moots CR is a worthy partner.   The stock fit is a little lower and longer than the standard Vamoots geometry in most sizes and custom geometry available in either model.  If you want lighter and stiffer tubing still, check out the Vamoots RSL.

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