How Rider First Bike Fitting and Rider Matched Bike Sales Began…

In the late ’90s, having worked in a wide variety of positions in the cycling industry, Fit Werx founder Ian Buchanan found himself at a crossroads. While he still found the products and technology exciting and progressive, the industry seemed stuck. Bikes were getting more expensive and technical in the ’90s, yet most bicycle product engineers were not focusing beyond making things lighter and stiffer. Few people were viewing the retail bicycle industry as a long-term career path.

The result for the end user was high tech products that really didn’t take their needs into account very well, and a retail experience that was often watered-down to the lowest common denominator; a less-than-committed shop employee. Riders and triathletes were often not ending up on the best products for their use or needs, and the fundamentals of what makes riding a bike such a great experience (using your body to efficiently propel yourself) were frequently getting lost.

Fit Werx was born in 2001 out of a commitment to serve riders of all levels by bridging the knowledge and skills of the best bicycle fitting studios with the product selection and mechanical skills of the best bicycle shops.

Our goal was to help encourage bike equipment manufacturers to think more about their end users, while making a clear commitment to our clients and athletes that when they work with Fit Werx, they will be working with dedicated professionals; people who are passionate while also being knowledgeable, conscientious, and caring.

Today, the range of shops and individuals offering bike fittings has increased hundred-fold as major bike manufacturers pour millions of dollars annually into bike fit training centers and bike fit tools. We are proud to have been a part of this growth in awareness and technology.

Our people and our process are not like what is readily available most places.

Computers and tools don’t fit people – people fit people. Fit Werx fitters are some of the most experienced and well regarded in the industry, each having completed thousands of fittings during their careers, equipped with the latest in bicycle fit technology and equipment. A good bike fitter has to ask the right questions and be willing to listen to the answers. Regardless of what you ride or why you ride, we remain committed to both the science and the art of bike fitting. We have been recognized for many firsts through the years and we continue to drive forward with innovations in approach and technology by offering the best services and products that we can – products and services that enhance your road biking, mountain biking or TT/triathlon experience with every turn of the pedals. We look forward to helping you become the rider/athlete you have always wanted to be.

A History And Commitment To Innovation

Fit Werx was at the forefront of taking a Rider First approach to bike fitting a Rider Matched approach to bike selection in 2001 and we have never looked back.  Since our inception, we have been committed to providing innovative and high quality services and products to serve riders and triathletes of all levels.