Bike Sales

“Whether you are getting an entry level production bike or building your ultimate dream custom bicycle, we specialize in fitting, designing, and setting up bicycles to work as well as possible for the individuals who ride them.”
–  Ian Buchanan, Fit Werx Founder

We take a rider matched approach to bike sales to find the best bike for you.

Whether you are looking at $1000 bikes or $15,000+ bikes, from the web to bike shops, you can get a bicycle from any number of places. However, there are few places where you can get a bicycle selected and set-up specific to your needs.

Whether you are getting a rider matched production bike or a custom bicycle, Fit Werx takes a “Fit First” approach, fitting you in advance of bike selection to eliminate the guesswork and guarantee that you get the right bike and the right parts the first time. We then tailor the set-up of your bike to match you; replacing parts on pre-assembled production bikes and working with you to select the ideal components on frame builds and full custom bikes. This risk-free approach offers an alternative to bike shops; we make sure that you get on the right bike the first time while minimizing your future costs.

Notes: If you have been fit with Fit Werx before, we keep your fit information on file to help find the right bike at anytime. We are also happy to take fit information from somewhere else (or measurements from a current bike) to help you find a bike that will match if you do not want a Fit Werx fitting at this time.

Great Bike Brands. No Inventory Pressure.

Most shops sell what they have and need to move to keep their key bike manufacturers happy with their performance. We do not take this “bike first” approach to sales. Your bike should be about you, not us. While we have a strong selection of great bicycle brands, we don’t have a warehouse full of bikes that we have to constantly be selling just to unload inventory even if it may not be the best product for you. This makes it much easier for us to focus on you when it comes to helping you find the very best fitting and riding bike for your needs.

Fit Werx Pro Bike Build.

The Fit Werx Pro Build to your fit numbers is included at no extra charge. This guarantees that your new bike is set-up to your fit coordinates and built properly.

After The Sale & Mechanical Support .

We will make sure you are taken care of if your new bike from us has a problem in the initial ownership period and we will be there to help with any service or warranty issues on the frame or components down the road.

Part of our job as authorized dealers of all the products we represent is to advocate for our clients and to make sure that folks who work with us are taken care of fairly if something goes wrong.

Bike companies and component makers alike are motivated to make sure Fit Werx clients are taken care of fairly as we give many of them significant business.

Some of Our Recent Builds