When is It Time to Update Your Bike Fit

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How Often Should I Have My Bike Fit Checked?

Bike fit is as static or dynamic as you are.  Things can change and your fit should change with them.  Some of the reasons a fresh check on your riding position may be in order include the following:

  • Your riding habits have changed – frequency, distance, speed, and type of riding are all variables that a rider can either increase or decrease.
  • You had an injury or have been off the bike for a while.
  • You have improved notably as a rider.
  • Your strength, flexibility, or muscle balance has changed due to fitness changes or simple age-related changes.
  • You are getting ready to invest in a new bike and you want to make sure it matches where you are currently at as best as possible.

Want more reasons?   Cycling Weekly has this to say about the potential benefits of updating your fitting periodically.

Fit Werx Fitting & Assessment Options

For riders we have fit in the past five years, Fit Werx offers a Periodic Fit Assessment. The Periodic Fit Assessment provides a fresh assessment of your bike set-up. It also takes a comprehensive look at your posture and technique.

If it has been more than five years since your last fitting, we suggest getting a fresh complete fitting done. We offer two options based on what you are looking for.  Both options include an assessment of your muscle balance, posture, and technique. Any or all of these may be contributing to comfort and performance issues.  The Existing Bike Fit focuses on your current bike and how it can be adapted to you. The New Bike Fit emphasizes you as a rider and our Rider Matched Bike Selection Philosophy.

Related, if you have been fit at Fit Werx before, do you remember that you might have a credit on file? We can use the information from your prior fitting to help you find bikes that minimize compromise and match you well.

Even if everything is feeling really good on the bike now, you may want to consider a fresh fitting periodically. We see many riders who come in every couple of years to review their position. We always endeavor to dig another layer deeper for these folks to help them become more knowledgeable and skilled riders. The reality is that being comfortable and fast on a bike goes well beyond just riding position and pushing on the pedals hard.

Who is Fit Werx?

Fit Werx is a company, but we are only as good as our staff.  Our bike fitters include a World Champion (who earned a World Record through hard training and self-driven leading-edge aerodynamic analysis), a contributing editor with over one hundred nationally published articles, a former advanced fit instructor for the original scientific fitting organization (SICI), an Ironman competitor, and a former expert level MTB racer. We make sure you gain valuable information each time you work with us.  Meet much of our staff here.

Just in the past few years, the information and insight we are able to provide on saddle, back, and neck issues has grown considerably. For example, search Bicycle Discomfort Causes on fitwerx.com. You will see several articles written by Fit Werx in the past few seasons on the subject. The bottom line is that if the bike fit is not the final solution, we have many tools to help you understand the root cause of issues and plan a path to a solution.

We constantly review the newest information on bike fitting and biomechanics to keep our fitting services on the leading edge. Our fit studios are equipped with leading-edge size cycles, enhanced video analysis, and pressure scanners. These tools give our fitters the right tools to help you ride better.   However, more importantly, our fitters continue to increase their knowledge of the human body and how it interacts with a bike.  Additionally, as this knowledge increases, their ability to communicate effectively with riders improves as well. The in-depth insight, analysis, and solutions offered by our fitters and the fit process are what sets a Fit Werx fitting apart.

Would you like to talk about bike options (we always save your fit data so it can be used to help you find a well-matched bike…), schedule a fresh fitting service, or any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

From mountain and fat to road, gravel, tri, and e-bikes, there are more great ways to explore on two wheels than ever.  If you are thinking about working with us, see what people have to say at Fit Werx Client testimonials.

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