Fitwerx in Waitsfield is excited to announce the inclusion of Open Cycle (link) and Nukeproof (link)to our brand offerings. Fitwerx in Peabody Ma has been working with Open Cycles for years. Whether you are looking for a gravel bike, a road bike, a mountain bike or a taste of everything, Open Cycle and Nukeproof have options. With the weather here in Mad River Valley turning nicer (most) every day, the time has come to explore the variety of riding that is available here. Adding Open Cycle and Nukeproof to our offerings from Moots, Parlee, Niner, Cervelo, K. Bedford, Gunnar, Waterford will allow us to get you the correct bike, based upon our Fit First philosophy.

Fit Werx in Vermont is an Authorized OPEN Cycles Dealer

Fit Werx in Vermont is an Authorized OPEN Cycles Dealer

Fit Werx in Waitsfield, Vermont is excited to announce that we are now a fully authorized dealer of OPEN Cycles.  All Fit Werx’s locations are authorized OPEN Cycles dealers.

OPEN offers a variety of complete bikes and framesets serving both the pavement and gravel rider.   OPEN’s approach of selling one bike at a time and matching each bike they sell with the needs of the rider compliments the “rider first” fit based approach we take at Fit Werx.  The end result is a bike that matches the rider with as little compromise as possible at a price that is competitive with many of the more generic mass produced options.

OPEN Cycles – Working Hard to Stay Small

OPEN Cycles takes a “working hard to stay small” approach to bike design, engineering and management.   This approach helps them focus on design and helping their riders and dealers get the most out of their bikes. The owners, Andy and Gerard, design bikes that they like to ride.  We like this approach as it has some similarities to our own at Fit Werx.  We like to work with companies who are not trying to be something to everyone but instead focus on being the best at what they do.  In the case of OPEN, this means designing and building some of the best carbon fiber road and gravel frames and bikes possible.

Andy’s journey in the bike industry started with Cannondale while he attended university.  He became the CEO of BMC in 2001. After 7 years leading BMC, he decided to leave and ended at Cervelo, where he met Gerard. Above all, Andy brings sales and marketing experience to OPEN Cycles

Gerard is the designer for OPEN Cycles. He was a founder of Cervelo and was with the company for 15 years. He was involved in creating landmark bike designs like the Cervelo R5CA and P2 models that helped make the brand what it is today. The focus on engineering that Gerard brings to OPEN Cycles sets them apart and has contributed to many category changing innovations.  Gerard’s knowledge and experience creates highly versatile frames for performance oriented road and gravel enthusiasts.

Why OPEN Cycles?

  • Frame First.    Since OPEN’s focus is to build the best frames, they leave the rest of the bike up to you. As an authorized OPEN Dealer, Fit Werx works with you and OPEN to construct the correct combinations of parts for your aspirations.   An OPEN from Fit Werx is about minimizing compromise and not just accepting what a product manager in a far away office has put on the bike.
  • U-Turn/R-Turn Forks.   OPEN Cycles uses their U-Turn/R-Turn forks that incorporate their innovative Smartmount for the disc brakes. The calipers mount directly to the fork without needing an adapter. A noticeably lighter and cleaner way to attach the caliper.
  • Smartmount Brake Mounts.   OPEN Cycles utilize the Smartmount brake mount found on the fork on the rear brake mount. This further reduces weight.
  • Wire Seat Stays. Ultra thin stays contribute to reduce the frame weight. They also add compliance to make your ride smoother. Smooth is fast.
  • Delivery Time & Support. OPEN has two warehouses to better serve their riders and dealers and they have a small and focused support staff.  You get to ride your new bike quicker and a true cycling enthusiast is on the other end if assistance is needed.
  • Custom Paint.  OPEN offers “Ready-to-Paint” frames that can be custom finished.
  • Unique.  A rider on an OPEN bike will be on an unique bike built just for them. In this world of mass produced bikes, OPEN cycles offers something that stands out.
  • Price Competitive.   OPEN bikes start at prices that are competitive with more generic bikes from big companies.  Why would you get a generic bike when you can get a bike built just for you for similar money?
  • Dropped Chainstay and Road “Narrow” Crank Option.  OPEN pretty much invented the dropped chainstay that is found on so many gravel bikes these days.  The dropped chainstay allows models like the U.P. to accept a standard road crank and not require a wider gravel specific crank.  This maximizes gearing options.
  • Fit.   While there is no stock frame geometry that fits everyone well, OPEN has a solid frame geometry that works for a broad range of riders.  As with any bike, it is highly recommended that you take a Fit First approach to bike selection.   You should not have to adapt to your bike, your bike should be adapted and fit to you.

Things to Consider with OPEN Cycles

  • The OPEN MIN.D endurance road bike uses a continuous seat mast. The continuous seat mast is engineered to add compliance and provide weight saving but it requires a specific saddle height range be used on the bike once it is cut.
  • The OPEN WI.D.E. is optimized for a drivetrain with one chainring. There is no option for a front derailleur, should you want one.   For 2x aficionados, this makes the WI.D.E. a good candidate for the Classified wheel system.
  • It will be a plus for some and a consideration for others, but the U-Turn fork does not have mount points on the fork legs.
  • While competitively priced to similar product, a bike built on an OPEN frame will never be the least expensive bike available.  Attention to detail offers great value and creates a better riding bike, but costs more than a generic bike that uses less engineering and refined manufacturing.


TRCinTRS – “The Right Carbon in the Right Spot”

“The Right Carbon in the Right Place.  We have all heard bike brands say, “Our frames are made from %100 High Mod Carbon”.    This type of carbon has its  place on a bike frame.  It is great where the designer wants increase lateral rigidity. It is not so great for absorbing impact, such as around the headtube.   In other words, you don’t want 100% high modulus carbon in your frame.  OPEN understands this.  They use blend carbon types when they create their frames. This results in an excellent blend of stiffness, strength and compliance.

OPEN Cycles Frame Models – 3 That Equal 5

Open Cycles offers three road and gravel frame models configurable in a wide variety of ways to meet different uses:


Standing for MINimal Design, the MIN.D is OPEN’s modern take on a versatile and high performance road bike.   While we wish the MIN.D was available in one size smaller than it is, the saddle to handlebar drop and reach offers a fit that accommodates a wide range of people in the heart of the sizing range. The Continuous Seat Tube and Wire Stays help provide compliance while maintaining stiffness.

OPEN MIN.D Gearing and Tire Capacity

The OPEN MIN.D frame is traditional 2X or 1X front chainring compatible. Additionally, depending on rim used, the frame accommodates up to a 700×32 tire.  This makes the MIN.D plenty capable of the periodic foray onto packed gravel roads.

The OPEN MIN.D Versions and Frame Weight

1)  The California takes the OPEN MIN.D concept and maximizes it potential through top of the line carbon, engineering and fabrication techniques.  The MIN.D California is the “Made in USA” version of the model.   It is fabricated in the same factory as the venerable Cervelo R5CA and RCA models.  Overall, The California frame is stiffer and lighter than the standard while also maximizing the compliance of the Continuous Seat Tube design.

On the average, the California MIN.D frame weighs 775g. The R Turn fork (used on both versions) weighs 335G.

2)   The “standard” MIN.D.   The standard version of the OPEN MIN.D uses the same geometry and similar ride feel of The California, but is manufactured in a more mass produced environment in Asia to reduce costs. The standard MIN.D frame weighs in at 870G with an uncut seat mast.

Read more about the OPEN MIN.D here

Open U.P.(P.E.R.)

The third generation of the U.P. brings the dropped chain stay that OPEN revolutionized into the picture.  For insight into how much the dropped chainstay offers, read Rene Herse’s thoughts on the topic.

The OPEN U.P. and U.P.P.E.R. are the most versatile bikes in the line.  They are gravel bikes.  They are road bikes.   They are exploring bikes.  If you want one bike to use with multiple wheel sets across a variety of use, this is likely the OPEN model to focus.  Put on a set of 700×30 tires for a fun, spirited road ride. Switch to a 700×40 and get off the road for a while. Change to a 650 x 2.1 tire and see what is offered off of the beaten track.

OPEN U.P. Frame Weight

The OPEN U.P. frame weighs 1040 grams on the average while the U.P.P.E.R. harvests the benefits of additional engineering and carbon quality to bring the frame weight down to 880 grams.

OPEN U.P. Fork and Gearing Options

Both the U.P. and the U.P.P.E.R. use OPEN’s versatile and nice looking U-Turn fork (390 grams).  Both frames accept 1x or 2x cranks in the front and can accept standard “narrow” road gearing or “wide” gravel gearing.

Read what Bicycling has to say about the OPEN U.P(P.E.R.) here.



Standing for WInding DEtour, the OPEN WiDE is the OPEN model capable of accepting the widest tires within the OPEN line. The  WiDE can accept up to a 650X2.4″ or 700×46 clearance allowing for back country and single track exploring experience.

It is worth noting that just because the Wi.D.E. accepts a wider tire than the other models, it doesn’t preclude it from accepting a 700×32 road tire for a comfortable and quick feeling ride on pavement.

This pack mule of a frame has 4 sets of bottle bosses and capacity for a wide variety of frame/saddle bags.

OPEN Wi.DE Frame Weight:

The OPEN Wi.DE frame weighs 1040g on the average and the U Turn fork weighs 390G.

OPEN Wi.DE Double Dropped Stays:

The double-drop stays found on the OPEN Wi.DE increase stiffness while opening up tire clearance. By dropping both chainstays, the area just behind the bottom bracket becomes a very efficient box structure. This increases BB stiffness, reduces weight and squeezes even more tire clearance out of the frame.  Additionally, the dropped stays help keep the Q factor of the bottom bracket tighter. If adventure riding is for you, the Wi.DE. comes well equipped to carry what you need.

The OPEN Wi.DE frame is 1X chainring only and does not have a mount point for a front derailleur.  It can be paired with the slick Classified System planetary gear shifter if 2x functionality is desired.

OPEN Cycles Stock and Custom Paint

In addition to their standard in-stock colorways, OPEN Cycles offers frames in a “Ready to Paint” format that we can work with approved painters to have paint the bike to match your desires.  Some Open suggests certain painters throughout the country who have experience painting their bikes.

Ready to Learn More?

Have more questions?  Ready to schedule a fitting to find out if an OPEN (or another bike) is the right bike for you?

Contact Fit Werx today!

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