Fit Werx 2 co-owner, Dean Phillips, breaks four time trial records

Fit Werx 2 co-owner, Dean Phillips, breaks four time trial records

Dean Phillips, co-owner of Fit Werx 2, a road and triathlon bike shop in Peabody, recently broke four cycling time trial records. A time trial, as seen in the Tour De France, is a road race in which a cyclist races against the clock.

June 25, at the ECV Time Trial in Hamilton, Phillips traveled the 11.4-mile course in 22 minutes and 37 seconds, which equates to 30.2 miles per hour. The previous record, captured on Aug. 13, 2003, was held by professional cyclist Tim Johnson.

On July 9, at the Charlie Baker Time Trial in Concord, Phillips traveled the 9.75-mile course in 19:29, averaging 30.0 mph.

Sept. 3, at the Dover Time Trial in Dover, Phillips traveled the 7.7 miles in a time of 15:42, averaging 29.4 mph.

On Sept. 11, at the Duxbury Time Trial in Duxbury, Phillips raced the 12 miles in a time of 24:32, averaging 29.4 mph.

Fit Werx 2 specializes in road and triathlon cycling products and services, offering expert bike fitting services, bike sales and complete mechanical services.

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