Parlee Cycles Updates Their Models

Parlee Cycles Updates Their Models

Parlee Cycles Has Updated Their Website

Parlee Cycles, a bicycle manufacturing company based in Beverly, Massachusetts, has recently revamped its website to showcase new colors and an updated parts selection. Although the model names remain unchanged, they have a fresh look and feel. The updated website is a reflection of the company’s future direction.

As many may be aware, Parlee Cycles has recently undergone a restructuring process, with John Harrison taking over as the new President and CEO. This change will allow the company’s founder, Bob Parlee, to focus on his core strength – designing some of the best bicycles in the market. During a recent visit, John shared his vision for the future of the company, which has left us excited. This new website is one of the first steps in Parlee’s journey towards the future. At Fit Werx, we are thrilled to continue working with them and growing their brand..

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