Cervelo Rouvida, the Newest Entry to the E-Bike World

Cervelo Rouvida, the Newest Entry to the E-Bike World

Cervelo Rouvida

Cervelo has entered the electric assist bike world with the Rouvida. To separate itself from the crowd of E-assist bicycles, Cervelo designed the Rouvida to appeal to the experienced road and gravel rider without alienating the average rider. Similar to the Moots Express, Cervelo has chosen to focus on creating an electric bike that appeals to the rider who is looking for a package with few compromises.

Cervelo Rouvida: Two Geometries in One Frame

The Cervelo Rouvida is a versatile bike that is available in both road and gravel-specific build options.  The road and gravel bikes share the same frame.   However, Cervelo uses adjustable frame inserts to allow the geometry of the Rouvida frame to be distinct in its road settings versus its gravel settings. These inserts subtly change the location of the front and rear axles to create the gravel or road geometry.   When the frame inserts are in the road setting position the Rouvida mimics Cervelo’s Caledonia, their most versatile road-specific geometry.   When the frame inserts are in the gravel position the Rouvida mimics Cervelo’s Aspero gravel bike to maximize stability on rougher terrain.


Cervelo Rouvida Road and Gravel Component Spec Options

On the road bike version of the Rouvida, you can choose between a Sram Red or Rival XPLR build kit. They both feature a 46-tooth front chainring and a 10-44 cassette at the back. The cables are fully internal, which gives the bike a modern and sleek look. With a maximum tire width of 32mm, the Rouvida can easily handle varied terrain. The road version of the Rouvida follows the same geometry as the Cervelo Caledonia, Cervelo’s most versatile road-specific geometry that fits the widest range of riders well.

The gravel bike version of the Cervelo Rouvida is available with two build kit options. The Force AXS kit includes a 44-tooth front chainring paired with a 10-44 cassette and offers the benefits of electronic shifting without wires.   The Shimano GRX 610 build uses the same 44-tooth front ring but has a 10-45 cassette and mechanical shifting.




FAZUA Ride 60 Motor Does the Work

The Cervelo Rouvida comes with the Fazua Ride 60 motor and battery. The entire system weighs less than 10 lbs, making it one of the lightest electric assist systems available.  Due to their lightweight and versatile power profile, Fazua Ride motors are gaining spec in the industry. The motor can support a rider up to 28 mph and offers 60NM of torque.  While there are motors that offer even greater torque, the Fazua Ride is lighter and offers a smoother pedaling experience.  The motor assist of the Cervelo Rouvaida e-bike provides smooth engagement, avoiding sudden jolts as it accelerates.  It feels more like a non-assisted bike as you pedal it.

Unlike most other e-bike motors, the Fazua motor has the same pedal stance (often referred to as “Q factor” as a traditional bike. The pedal stance refers to the distance between a rider’s feet and the body’s center. Most e-bike motors require that the pedals be wider to accommodate a larger housing around the motor. The Fazua motor eliminates this potential problem and preserves the standard stance found on a non-assisted bike.

All E-bikes need a way for the motor to know how fast the bike is going. Most e-bike manufacturers mount a sensor to the lower chainstay, opposite the drive train. This sensor reads a magnet that is attached to the wheel. To maintain the clean look of the Cervelo Rouvida, the sensor has been integrated into the rear triangle of the frame.

Finally, the Fazua Ride app allows the rider to adjust how the motor draws power and displays this information on their smartphone or compatible bicycle computer.

Range Anxiety

Determining the precise range of an e-bike for a specific rider is challenging; many variables come into play. The number of miles a rider can cover on a fully charged battery depends on various factors such as rider weight, terrain, ambient temperature and how much assist is used during the ride.  The Fazua Ride 60 motor is unique in that it does not add friction when the bike is pedaled without power. This allows the power generated by the rider to move the bike forward directly without impediment.  This feature extends the Cervelo Rouvida’s range in a way that other e-bike assist systems cannot match while making the pedaling experience as smooth as possible even when the motor is off.

Who isn’t the Cervelo Rouvida Best Suited

The Cervelo Rouvida is not for everyone. The overall boost power of the Fazua may not be adequate for all riders. The way the assist engages is better described as a push on the back rather than being pulled up the hill. The rider looking for more powerful assistance should look to other bikes, such as the Niner RLT e9 or the Moots Express. The Cervelo Rouvida is also not equipped for loaded riding. It lacks mounting locations for racks that riders might want to use on multi-day rides. Again, the Moots Express and Niner RLT e9 are often very good options for someone interested in carrying more stuff on their rides.

Who is the Cervelo Rouvida Best Suited

The Cervelo Rouvida is for the rider who simply wants a bike to help them get more out of their rides. Their daily ride might be a fast, non-stop loop or a moderate journey with multiple stops for snacks and sightseeing. The Cervelo Rouvida will make the fast ride faster and the longer ride longer.  Rouvida riders likely have an awareness of the heritage that Cervelo brings to the cycling world and appreciate that the Rouvida tubing size and appearance do not scream that the bike is an electric assist.

What Other Brands to Consider

The Cervelo Rouvida enters a large pond of e-bikes that is only growing bigger. Most bicycle brands now offer some level of electric bike.   From Cervelo to Moots, Niner, Look and Bianchi, Fit Werx works with multiple bike brands offering strong ebike options.  Just like when selecting a non-assisted bike, we recommend a Rider First Bike Fitting first and then using our Rider-Matched philosophy to help you find an ebike that fits your body properly and has the right features and motor to meet your use.

Contact us to learn more about which bike will be right for you and/or to schedule a bike fitting.

Cervelo’s Take on the Rouvida





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