Exciting Parlee Cycles News

Exciting Parlee Cycles News

Parlee and Fit Werx have worked together for almost twenty years; our many blog posts throughout the years speak to our partnership with Parlee and the quality of the bikes they make.

We are happy to share the announcement that Parlee Cycles has come out of its restructuring process with a new name, Parlee Composites, and a new ownership and leadership structure.  As of October 1, 2023, John Harrison assumes the role of President and CEO and Bob Parlee, the founder of Parlee Cycles, becomes Chief Designer.

While the pandemic was hard on the entire bike industry, component management was particularly challenging for smaller builders and shops.  Fit Werx appreciates the approach that Parlee took in this regard.  Parlee never “sold out” or took advantage of the situation at the expense of their dealers.   They worked hard to make sure that each dealer (and each dealer model) was treated equitably.

Morality and conscientiousness are not always rewarded in business.  However, they are remembered.  Today, we’re excited to see Parlee be in a position to continue to develop and manufacture some of the finest fitting and riding carbon fiber bicycles ever created.  We look forward to being a part of Parlee’s future and seeing where John, Bob and the rest of Parlee’s talented crew take things.

Parlee’s announcement is here

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