Garmin Varia Cycling Radar Short Review

Have you eveGarmin Varia Rear Lightr wondered if there was a car coming from behind and not been in a good position to look behind you safely?   Have you ever wondered how many cars are behind you or how far behind you they might be?   Have you found mirrors to be an imperfect solution to checking behind you at best?  If any of these have been thoughts you have had, the Garmin Varia cycling radar system could be just what you have been seeking.

The basics of the Garmin Varia cycling radar system is that it detects vehicles behind you starting at about 140 meters back – before you can hear most vehicles – and it displays the approaching vehicle on the side of the display screen of your Garmin Edge 1000, 520 or on the available stand-alone display head (pictured).

Some details oGarmin Varia Displayf what the system displays is how fast the vehicle behind you may be approaching as well as how many vehicles are behind you.  In addition, the seatpost mounted Varia cycling radar system has built in lights to signal to the drivers behind you Garmin Varia Rear Light Offand the intensity and frequency of the lights adjusts based upon how close the vehicle is getting to you to further improve your visibility.

We just received the Varia unit, so we have yet to test it out long-term, but our initial installation and test rides made us confident that it is a helpful product that many riders would appreciate immediately.   It works as claimed, it is simple and accurate, and it directly helps lower the leading cause of cycling fatalities – getting hit from behind.

Stop in or contact us to learn more or buy a Garmin Varia Cycling Radar unit or system.

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