Fit Werx is a Zipp Handbuilt Custom Wheel Builder

A number of years ago, Zipp sold their carbon bicycle rims to shops so that custom wheels could be built.  However, Zipp stopped this and only sold complete wheels from the factory.  This meant that if you wanted a pair of Zipp rims on any other hub, you had to buy a complete wheelset and tear it down and rebuild it.  This was time consuming, expensive and often le

ft you with no warranty.  Most frequently, it meant searching for another brand of rims.   Brands like Enve partially built their wheel business around offering hub options that you could not get from Zipp and by supplying shops with rims only when desired.

What Hubs are Available in the Zipp Wheel Builder Program?

Well, Zipp just started a Wheel Builder pilot program and we are proud to be a part of it.

Fit Werx can now buy, sell and build Zipp rims, without violating Zipp’s warranty, into the following brands of hubs:

Chris King Hubs with Zipp Rims

DT Hubs with Zipp Rims

Industry Nine Hubs with Zipp Rims

SRAM Hubs with Zipp Rims

Other hub brands can be built into rims, but Zipp may not provide a warranty on the rims if the brands listed are not used.  Luckily the Zipp approved options include our most common custom build hub brands.  We can now work with you to build a Zipp rim equipped wheel with the best spokes for your use and size; the best hubs for your use; and with the colors you want! 

Sometimes going back to the future is exactly what is needed.

What Rims are Available in the Zipp Wheel Builder Program?

Most Zipp carbon rims, outside of NSW, are available in the program.  At the time of publication, this includes 202 clincher, 303 clincher and 303 tubular, 404 clincher and 808 clincher.  All rims are available in rim brake and disc brake formats.

Custom decals are available.

What Spokes are Available in the Zipp Wheel Builder Program?

While we use DT and Sapim most frequently, we have access to most any spoke brand and there are no specific restrictions on spoke brands that we can use to build a custom Zipp wheel for you.

What is Custom Built Zipp Wheel Pricing?

Each wheel in the Zipp Wheel Builder program is built to spec for the rider.  Depending on rim, prices start around $2400 a pair.

Where are Zipp Custom Wheels Built?

Zipp rims are made in the United States.   Wheels in the Wheel Builder Program are laced into hubs and assembled and built by participating authorized dealers like Fit Werx.  Fin

al lacing, tensioning and truing are all done by a specialty wheel builder at Fit Werx.

How Do I Learn More and How Do I Order?

Contact the Fit Werx location of your choice.

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