Fit Werx is an Authorized Stocking Quintana Roo (QR) Bike Dealer

Fit Werx is an Authorized Stocking Quintana Roo (QR) Bike Dealer

We’ve been keeping an eye on Quintana Roo the past few years.  The company was very arguably the first dedicated triathlon specific bike company; they played a major role inventing what we now think of as the modern triathlon bike.  Always based in offering high value parts for the dollar, QR has been a player in the world of tri bikes for decades.  After falling off the back for awhile, Quintana Roo is back with a vengeance in recent years.  While other companies have been cutting back on tri bike model development in recent years, Quintana Roo (along with brands like Felt and Cervelo) are pushing ahead and innovating full speed.

Quintana Roo offers top of the line superbikes in the likes of the PR6 through the pricepoint focused PR3 that competes with the likes of the Cervelo P2.    QR also offers what could very well be the lowest entry price on the market for a disc brake equipped triathlon bike right now in the PR4 Disc at $2999.  The company is thinking forward.

So, now you don’t need to buy a QR on-line without knowing if it fits and needing to complete assembly yourself.  You can get fit first at Fit Werx to make sure the QR model you want fits and then you can buy a QR through us (for $200 less than the online price from Quintana Roo, taking fit credits into account) and we’ll also build it to your fit numbers professionally without any additional charge ($350-$500 value).

Fit Werx and a properly fit Quintana Roo = PR for you!  Contact us to learn more.

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