Cervelo S5 – Possibly the Fastest UCI Legal Road Bike Available

Cervelo S5 – Possibly the Fastest UCI Legal Road Bike Available

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Cervelo-S5Material: Carbon Fiber

Geometry: Performance Road

Price Category: Framesets $3000+. Built Bikes $3500+.

Components: Rival, Ultegra, Di2 and Fit Werx Custom.

Who is it for? The Cervelo S5 is for the technology oriented rider who is looking for an aerodynamic edge without having to make many compromises in other departments.

Noteworthy: With almost universal acclaim, the Cervelo S5 is at the top of the aerodynamic production road bike heap.

Bottom Line: Cervelo has progressed the aero road bike scene through the years – arguably inventing the category.  The aluminum Soloist concept was improved upon by the Soloist Carbon, which became the Cervelo S2 and led to the next level Cervelo S3…  However, for 2012 Cervelo created a whole new platform with the S5.   The Cervelo S5 truly bridges the technology Cervelo has developed in their TT frames into a road platform.  The Cervelo S5 improves upon the original Cervelo S2 and S3 in almost every department – it is lighter, more aero, mechanically more straight-forward, laterally and torsionally stiffer, more compliant and better at damping vibration.  The frame geometry on the Cervelo S5 is identical to the R series, which means it is more versatile than the S2 or other previous S bikes as well in terms of who it fits well.  This all being said, the Cervelo S5 is not without controversy – the tubing design is all about performance and the more square edged tubing and angles of the frame are not what everyone considers as pleasing as possible aesthetically.   If this is you, be sure to check out the sculpted and rounded lines of the latest Cervelo S3…  Otherwise, if you want the ultimate in speed on a road bike, the Cervelo S5 is very hard to beat.

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2 Responses to Cervelo S5 – Possibly the Fastest UCI Legal Road Bike Available

    The Cervelo S5 is very nice and the best for road cycling.

  • Dominic Cope

    I wish I could have one with this kind of bicycle. This Cervelo s5 is everybody needs for long ride.

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