Beyond Bike Fit – Foot Pressure Scanning

We recently posted information on the exciting pressure sensing analysis tools gebioMized is offering through their U.S. distributor Cyclologic.   I overviewed saddle pressure sensing technology recently and here are some examples from foot pressure analysis with the gebioMized sensors.

From a fitter’s perspective, having quantifiable data showing just how much of a difference a change makes will be very helpful when determining the effectiveness of a solution.  The image below shows foot pressure with just the stock insert that comes with the shoes.  The items to note are the red areas and yellow areas show at risk sections of the foot; these areas have pressure readings above 900, which could create nerve or circulatory discomfort with repetitive use.


So, we added a pair of custom footbeds to the same rider and tested again (image below).   You can clearly see that the pressure values in the “at risk” areas are dramatically lower (over 50% in many cases) with the footbeds and the overall pressure is more even.  There are no longer any areas that are “at risk” from a pressure perspective.   Likewise, there is far less “noise” (motion) being detected with the footbeds.  This is visible in the diagonal tracking lines at the ball of the foot.  With footbeds, the pattern is more even and connected, especially on the right foot.  We can clearly see that the additional stability and comfort benefits the footbed offer are substantial and it is safe to assume that a sustainable power increase can be expected because of this.


Pressure sensing technology will help a qualified fitter analyze the rider’s position and the affect of changes in ways you simply cannot do visually.  It will help the technician understand problems on a more finite level, which will help us create more reliable solutions for those with the most chronic issues.

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