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Never Been More Comfortable!Read our testimonials to find out what our current and past clients have to say about the Fit Werx experience.

“This morning I was able to put a few hours in with the new position and I have never been more comfortable. I just wanted to thank you again!”
– Chad, NY

Unlike Any Other Bike Shop

“I have gotten out for a few rides so far, and it has been great!  The new bike feels perfect for me…I ended up riding about 67 miles today from Rutland over Brandon gap and back. I am tired, but no issues with my body or the bike. Rest day tomorrow!  It has been really good working with you guys…unlike any other bike shop I have been around. Thanks again!”
Read our testimonials to find out what our current and past clients have to say about the Fit Werx experience.– Dave, VT

Suggestions Were “Game Changers”

“I can’t say enough great things about my experience yesterday at Fit Werx- Geoff your suggestions( based on my ride this morning) were “game changers’! I am sure you have heard this so many times before- Why didn’t I do this sooner?

The “big dogs”, husband included, came out to see how I was doing with the new parts and pedaling techniques but they had a hard time keeping up with me!  Need I say more? I was killing it with so much less effort! The pedals and handlebar made all the difference in helping me achieve the correct motion and you were so right about how easy

Read our testimonials to find out what our current and past clients have to say about the Fit Werx experience.

the clip in-out was compared to the pedal system I was struggling with. I am a work in progress…

I can’t wait to get the new cranks- I’ll be flying!

Thanks for my new born confidence in being on the road- you’re the game changer! Best regards and we’ll speak soon.”
– Sara, MA

“Feels Like a Million Bucks!”

“I can’t say enough about the change in the bike. Between the shoes and the position change, it feels like a million bucks! During the few rides I squeezed in, I mentally reviewed your suggestions for improving my efficiency. I can feel positive differences…Thanks again for your professional expertise and personable demeanor – I really enjoyed the whole experience, and I daresay it has ignited a fire to ride more.”
– Giff, NH

Smooth and Solid Cervelo

I am happy to report that the ride of my new Cervelo is like butter……amazing smoooooooth and solid, very tight handling!!! On her maiden ride the Cervelo handled so well that after several hours I returned home with a smile on my face and thinking I could do more. My old Trek would generally leave me fatigued and struggling to finish the same length ride.

– Houston, NJRead our testimonials to find out what our current and past clients have to say about the Fit Werx experience.

Riding Faster

“I have always believed the saying, “It’s not about the bike.” and therefore I overrated the benefits from carbon frames and aerodynamic equipment.  I understand the saying relates to the training you put in and how you train, however, with my new Cervelo P2, I am riding faster with significant less effort. The P2 really has sped up my flat stretches and downhills; climbing seems about the same. I feel I have a lot of training that needs to be done on this bike and this bike will be the tool to really help me excel at cycling in triathlons. With some solid training I believe I will be able to produce great bike splits next.  Thanks for squeezing me in and helping me get on a new bike!”
– Trevor, VT

Bike Fitting Success

“I wanted to write to you all and say thank you! I finished out my season with a 4th AG, 4th OA, and 2nd AG in my last two races, much of which I attribute to the bike fitting and my comfort on the bike. I finished this season excited to start next season and to get some training in over the winter on the bike. Thank you for a great experience with the fitting process, I look forward to continuing to work with you all!”
– Jason, MA

+2 MPH and Running Better

My position on the Felt is really comfortable and so far I gained a 2 mph increase in my average speed (even with being a bit out of shape). What’s more amazing to me is how much more energy I seem to have for the run after when doing a brick… I’m very excited to see how this plays out leading up to my Tri in Oct.

I also appreciate you pointing out my pedaling inefficiency. This is something I plan on really focusing on to prevent injuries as well as to improve endurance thru better muscle recruitment. The compact crank and rear cassette we selected for gearing are working great on our hills and I love the Mavic shoes…they are so comfortable!!

– Jeff, TX

Love the Bike

“Went for a quick ride when I got home and LOVE the bike.  It’s more maneuverable, better turning radius, lighter, accelerates more easily, easier on my hands and neck – LOVE IT! Really glad I spent the bucks for a much better ride.”
-Annie, VT

Pain Free Riding

“My first ride yesterday went very, very well. No pain, neither in my back, nor in my wrist. I felt really comfortable on my bike…I am really happy about the outcome.  Honestly speaking I would love to buy (my next bike) at your store. The fit itself and the entire atmosphere was by far the best that I have experienced.”

Read our testimonials to find out what our current and past clients have to say about the Fit Werx experience.

– Jurgen, Montreal

“It Rides Like Butter”

“Took the new bike out for an easy 20 miles on Sunday… My goodness, it rides like butter!  I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t know how good!  The fit is incredibly comfortable and I feel great on it— it’s somehow more responsive and more stable.  My body felt comfortable and strong— no shoulder, wrist, or back pain.  The backs of my knees felt a little tender after the ride, but I think that’s because for the first time, they really had something to work against.  They feel totally fine today.  Thanks again, and I’m super, super pleased and excited to push my fitness level!”
– D, MA


“Thank for your help ordering, fitting and building my bikes for me. I hope I can ride them to some good results this year. It’s great to have a supportive bike shop such as yours. Really appreciate all that you do!”
– Sam, VT

Thank You

Thank you Ian for working with me on the price of the Z-Zero and putting together in the design. And thanks for the time with the TTi and my position on the Z-Zero.

Thank you Bruce for all your time and effort in getting the parts together for the bike. And thanks for working with me on the parts I wanted for the bike.

Thank you Jim for all your time and hard work in building the Z-Zero. And thank you so much for being flexible with your time to change out the parts on the bike.

I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into my bikes over the years. I know that I am somewhat anal when it comes to my bikes and understand this can be a challenge for you at times. Thank you for the patience and willingness to work with me on making my bikes the way I want them.

Kind Regards,

Ron, PA

“You and your staff are everything there is that is good about this sport”

“Thank you so much for all of your support over the past year. From refitting my old Trek, to getting my on a new Felt tri bike, to the way you and Mike have calmed me down and allayed my fears leading up to the IRONMAN, you have been incredible. You and your staff are everything that is good about this sport. As a “newbie” who knows nothing about bikes and is terrified of these intense, intimidating triathletes that mock back of the packers like myself, I was scared to death to come to your store the first time, fearing I’d be laughed out of the place. You took the time to talk with me and were friendly to my kids- and in the process won my loyalty! Not only that, but you changed my view of biking from something I suffered through to an enjoyable part of my tri experience- which stems from the great fitting from Dean.”
– Melissa, MA

“My New Bike Was Amazing”

“We are back from our 600-mile trek through VT, NY and MA.  My new bike was AMAZING, despite the torrential downpours we experienced the first 2 days!  The fit was impeccable, the brakes sure-footed on the messiest of gravel roads, and the electronic shifting was flawless.  In short, my ride up the thousands of vertical feet was the best I’ve experienced in my 30+ years of riding.”
– Susan, VT

“I feel like I am a Real Cyclist Again”

“Just wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying my new bike (“K.Bedford”)- have been riding quite a bit and feeling quite comfortable.  Best of all, I feel like I am a real cyclist again!  I love the little handlebars- it’s great having that position available again and the overall bike is great!  Thanks for your Read our testimonials to find out what our current and past clients have to say about the Fit Werx experience.expertise and attention to detail.“
– Hilary, NH

Loving Custom Bike

Hope all is well. I am LOVING the Bedford Custom. It’s beautiful, super comfortable, and is as responsive as advertised without beating me up like the ALU Cannondale. I can’t get over how well it fits, either. It’s almost a revelation. Who knew being in the drops could actually be comfortable? Makes me wonder why it took me so long to get a proper fit. Probably because there really aren’t many places out there that can do it correctly.

I put some good miles on it in the states in September and October while I was in school. I took it by the local bike shop there for a torque wrench right when I got it. Their prickly mechanic took it aside, looked it over for a bit, and then said it’s the most impressive bike he’s seen in a long time. And he’s not one to give compliments. Can’t thank you enough for putting together a beautiful and functional piece of equipment I’ll use for years to come. I’ve passed your information on to several friends and will make a point to continue to do so…

Now that I’ll be clearing out the stable of ill-fitting bikes that means I’ll have room for another new bike sometime soon. Hope all is well and thanks again,
– Andy, VA

Bike Fit Success

Thank you again. Just wanted to say I was very excited before having my bike fit. Even more excited after my first good ride after the bike fit. My normal before work ride of 16 miles, with an average of 17.3 mph went up to 18.3 mph. I also knocked off 6min. I keep reminding myself to keep my heels down (as you said ) and I’m getting into the groove of my new bike fit riding position.

– Nathan, NY

“No Idea The Wheels Would Help This Much!”

Read our testimonials to find out what our current and past clients have to say about the Fit Werx experience.

“Huge thanks again to Marty Miserandino for his expertise and guidance on my race wheels purchase earlier this month! I am very pleasantly surprised to say I PRd at Cranberry Olympic yesterday by 19 mins, finishing 4th in my AG and with the second fastest bike split, which qualified me for Nationals! I had no idea the wheels would help this much and can’t thank you enough for your honest feedback on which ones were right for me. You guys are the best!”
– Jocelyn, MA

Less Foot Fatigue

The adjustments you made feel great. I did ride in the Pan Mass Challenge over the weekend logging 175 miles and upon my return to Kansas City my positioning felt great. The shoe inserts have made a great improvement in terms of foot fatigue.
– Cythia, MO

Ten Free Watts

Since the fit, my power numbers in my training rides are up about 10w for the same perceived exertion. I confirmed this with an all-out 20 min test tonight and I equaled my best 20 minute power average from last summer. This should not happen at this period! As you predicted, I do feel like I have more power in the upper part of the pedal stroke. As for the cockpit it is unbelievable how comfortable it is on the hoods as opposed to my earlier position. It feels like a new bike. The shoe inserts are fine and I do feel a real difference when climbing out of the saddle. Feet and ankles are much more stable. Less roll. Lastly I do not feel any pain or discomfort anywhere. Great job. Thanks.
– Eric, QC

“Feels Like a Natural Fit”

“Jeanne loves the way the bike now fits her through the changes Fit Werx made!  She is very, very happy with the results.  In Jeanne’s words…’The bike now feels very comfortable… I don’t get as tired, or strained, it feels like a natural fit and riding is much easier  and even more enjoyable.’  As I told Jeanne before she came over there…”listen to those guys, make the changes they suggest, they’re the bike experts.”   The results were even better and more dramatic than I had anticipated, or hoped for.  You guys really did a great job fitting her and making the correct changes to her bike.  Personally, I’ve seen a huge improvement in her ability to keep up with me on our rides together.  We are both extremely happy that she came to your shop for help. Sincere thanks for everything.  My custom fit bike you ordered for me is also fabulous!”
– Charles ,VTRead our testimonials to find out what our current and past clients have to say about the Fit Werx experience.

Warranty Work

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the outstanding customer service.

My frame needed to go back for a warranty repair and since I do not live near your shop you guys set it up so that my home town mechanic could send it in. Not only did you facilitate this, but the mechanic told me you monitored the entire process and kept him up to date on the progress. I really appreciate this and makes me even more comfortable about buying my bikes from Fit Werx even though I live in Florida.

– Steve, FL

More Power

“Just want to let you know all appears to be going well after the Fit.  I have put on 332 miles on rides between 31-58 miles.  I am working on my sit Read our testimonials to find out what our current and past clients have to say about the Fit Werx experience.position on the saddle (further back) along with getting hips back and flattening my back out.  The footbeds you made for me have made a very noticeable difference as I work on my pedal stroke.  I feel I am getting more power than previously.”
– Bob, NY

“The Fit Worked Out Great!”

“After the fit I didn’t get out to ride for a while. When I did get on my bike, I wasn’t immediately sure if I was in a better position.  However, I can now say after riding about 1700 miles, including 320 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, where I was in the saddle almost all day, the FIT worked out great!!!!  It’s always so easy to take for granted when you are feeling fine. So, I am a very happy cyclist!  Thank you!”
– Fern, VT


I had my first outing this spring on my new bike. The new one is much better than the old one. It is very light, and I don’t feel that teeth rattling jar when I go over small sharp bumps. But the best thing is the speed. We went over one of our usual rides which is a 25 mile loop of flats and small rollers. My average speed at the end was 14.6 mph…an increase of 0.7 mph average was really something. I also felt better at the end of the ride.

– Chuck, MD

“Whole New World!”

Tonight I rode from Middlesex 8 miles towards Waitsfield and back. Oh, my gosh!  When I saw the elevations coming south from Middlesex – I thought “Not sure I can do this.” Tonight I had no problem with it. Yes, it was work, but with the fitting and my improved posture and ergonomics I motored on up! Not even in the lowest gear, but in the mid-range of my middle gear. Unbelievable! Tire pressure, plus the fitting, plus the coaching – whole new world!

-Linda, VT

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