While demoing road bikes before you buy is not what we would recommend as it can be a very misleading way of selecting a new bike that will work great for you (take a Rider Matched and Fit First approach to bike selection with any bike purchase), we do think that trying out a Fat Bike is the best way to understand how much fun these bikes can be. Likewise, you may want to experience a full suspension design on a MTB before buying. For this reason, Fit Werx offers some exceptional Fat Bikes and mountain bikes for demo.

The fees are simple – $90 a day or three days for $210. Up to $210 of demo fees may be credited towards a new Fat Bike or MTB within 30 days of your demo.

Our demo Fat Bikes include the folloFatback Skookum Sidewing models:

Fatback Rhino some with Rock Shox Bluto (VT)

Fatback Skookum (VT)

Felt DD30 (VT, MA)

Felt DD10 w/Rock Shox Bluto (VT, MA, NJ)

Felt LEBOWSKe electric Fat (VT, and w/advanced reservation in MA) – You have to try this bike to believe how much fun it is. Check out the video in this blog post.

Moots Frosthammer (MA)

Our demo Mountain Bikes include the following models:

Felt Decree 3 734x431

Alchemy Arktos (VT)

Felt Decree 3 (VT)

Felt Decree 1 (VT)

Felt Edict (MA, NJ)

Trek Fuel 9 (MA)

Moots Rogue YBB

Contact us to reserve a demo bike today!