Pressure Scanning & Cycling Analysis

Maximizing Your Speed & Solving Chronic Comfort Issues Through Science and Technology

Pressure Scanning & Cycling Analysis

Saddle Pressure Scanning:Pressure Scanning and Cycling Analysis can help solve imbalances, discomfort, and chronic saddle or back issues. An analysis can be added to a bike fitting.

Chronic saddle or back issues that have proven “unsolvable” with standard bike fitting techniques?   Imbalances or discomfort on one side of your body with little insight as to whether positioning changes can help?   If you answered, “yes” to either, pressure scanning is for you.

Fit Werx Motion Analysis IangebioMized Pressure Scanners are expensive investments, but they can be a very helpful tool for everything from saddle selection and problem solving to reviewing the effectiveness of cleat adjustment, shimming and other positioning changes to improve alignment and stability. Fit Werx purchased one of the very first gebioMized units available in the United States and was at the forefront of developing assessment techniques and processes with the software. As of this writing, Fit Werx owns more gebioMized pressure scanners than any other single company in the United States. cycling pressure scan technology combined with a technician skilled in interpreting the data allows us to help resolve chronic issues in ways that have not been possible before.   We can even use the data to build you a custom saddle that is guaranteed to even out the pressure.

Pressure Scan Time:  ~1 hour.  This service is charged at hourly fit service rates with a 1 hour minimum.

Note:  Pressure scanning requires that the rider already have a fundamentally sound neutral riding position and preliminary scans are included in our Existing Bike Fit and New Bike Fit services, which are highly recommended.

Performance Analysis Aero Fitting (VT Location Only):

Designed for the athlete who wants to optimize performance and efficiency and already has a solid base aero position. Performance Analysis includes all that is in the Existing Bike Fit and then goes deeper using motion capture and a proprietary protocol to analyze oxygen transfer, power sustainability, spin efficiency, muscle recruitment and aerodynamics in greater detail.

Digital Aerodynamics Analysis adds computer frontal surface area analysis to polish your aerodynamics and build the optimal position for a targeted event(s).  For more information on the Performance Analysis fitting, click here.

Time: 4-6 hours. Part of the cost of this fit service is available as a credit towards a new bike. This fitting service is billed at our hourly rate with a 4 hour minimum.

Metabolic/VO2 Testing (VT Location Only):

Fit Werx in Vermont, in partnership with Intelligent Fitness, is pleased to offer our clients an extra advantage when it comes to improving performance and reaching individual goals.

Just like a custom fit, we each have optimal training zones. Metabolic/VO2 testing provides this information through state of the art assessment. In an hour you will learn your metabolic thresholds, and your peak VO2. You will also receive customized training zones and other critical information to help you realize your potential.

We do not currently have any dates scheduled for this service.  Please contact Joey directly for other testing locations and dates at

Anaerobic Threshold/VO2 testing: $129
Resting Metabolic & Anaerobic Threshold/VO2 testing: $159
Wattage Test:  Add $50 to either option above

Wind Tunnel Fit:

Fit Werx was proud to be the first company in the Northeast to offer cycling specific wind tunnel fitting sessions at the M.I.T. Center for Sports Innovation wind tunnel years ago.  Now we offer a number of different collaborative wind tunnel fitting services through a few wind tunnel providers.

Once the rest of your position has been established and optimized, the wind tunnel is the ultimate finishing tool for Time Trialists and triathletes.

Over 65% of your energy is used to overcome the wind resistance from your body and your equipment. We have worked in conjunction with Dr. Kim Blair of the M.I.T. Center for Sports Innovation to develop a consistent wind tunnel testing protocol to help you minimize aerodynamic drag without compromising power or spin efficiency.

Wind tunnel fittings require one of our standard fitting sessions first and then a visit to a tunnel.  Contact Us for more information or an appointment.

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