We carry quality production bikes.

Entry level to dream bikes available.

Where you buy your bike matters a lot more than what you buy.

There is no lack of quality bike brands available, and Fit Werx carries some of the very best production bike brands – including Cervelo, Trek, Specialized, Parlee, Gunnar, Moots, Fatback, Ellsworth, Niner and Felt – across a broad range of price points.

For most people, the bike selection process turns into a brand quest followed by a slew of test rides.

Test rides tend to be more about where the seat and handlebar were placed off the dealer’s floor than how the bike will actually work for you in the long-term.

Your new bike should be about you, not what the shop wants to move or a brand logo on the frame.

This is why we don’t have a huge warehouse full of bikes, or specific brands we need to push you towards.

Instead, we speak to you in detail about what you are looking for, and we use our extensive knowledge of the products that are available to only recommend bikes that we know will fit you well and make your riding as good as it can be.

Bikes from the factory are spec’d based on price and averages. Who is really average?

Our Rider Matched approach to bike sales, takes the time to work with you to tailor the bike to your needs by changing out things like the handlebar/stem/saddle and gearing a

s needed to guarantee that your bike fits your body, budget and desires from day one.

This saves time as well as money in the long-term while leading to a bike that simply works better for you from day one.

We encourage you to learn more about the bike brands we carry and why we choose to work with them.

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