Cleat & Leg Alignment

Pedal/Cleat Adjustment and Cant Alignment Service

Included in our fittings, but also available as a separate service, A Pedal/Cleat Alignment includes a biomechanical analysis of your feet and legs using tools like the R.A.D. (Rotational Alignment Device) and computerized motion capture analysis of your leg alignment. Your feet and legs will be aligned properly to guarantee that your joints and muscles are powerful and safe while pedaling.

This service usually takes 45 minutes – 1 hour and is charged by the hour plus any materials (canting or shim materials) that may be used.

Cant Wedges

Cant Wedges fit between the cleat and the shoe and can also help improve alignment and tracking. However, unlike the comprehensive nature of a footbed, cant wedges address forefoot alignment only.

We sometimes use cant wedges on their own, but often we use them in conjunction with custom cycling footbeds so that the whole foot is supported, not just the forefoot.

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