The Guru Photon Series of Road Bikes

The Guru Photon Series of Road Bikes

2013--photon_r--fullOne of the original ultralight frames, and one of the only to offer custom frame geometry, the Guru Photon recently became a whole series of models being offered by Guru.  The Guru Photon is now available in stock and custom geometry and in three different layups to address the needs of more riders than ever.

Photon SL – A great blend of smooth ride quality, responsiveness and lightweight, the Photon SL is the next generation of the original Photon concept.   Frame weight under 750 grams.  Starting at $4500 for the frameset.

Photon R – The stiffest Photon, the Photon R is a race oriented Photon designed to maximize stiffness to weight ratio.  Frame weight under 800 grams.   Starting at $5000 for frameset.

Photon HL – An ultralight superbike showcasing the latest in Guru’s QCC (Quantum Carbon Concept) technology, the Photon HL is built by a single technician.  The Photon HL is so committed to minimizing weight that Guru even developed a special Specter clearcoat that weights just 5 grams.  Every Photon HL is full custom geometry and frame weight is under 670 grams.   Frameset: $8500.

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