The Cervelo P5 – Worth the Wait

Shrouded in secrecy, the new Cervelo P5 launch has been full of speculation for almost a year now.  Well the speculation is finally over and the results are really good.  The 2012 Cervelo P5 is now an official model and we are taking orders for first shipment delivery now.  If you want to be on a P5 this coming season, get your name on one now as they are just about guaranteed to sell beyond the initial production.

Some highlights:

  • TT and TRI frameset models.  The TT model is UCI legal, the TRI model maximizes aerodynamics, but is not.  The UCI compliant TT model is only available as a frameset at $4500, which includes the rear brake.    The top of the line TRI model is available as a $6500 frameset that includes an impressively adjustable and aero new bar from 3T called the Aduro.
  • There are two pre-built bike options currently – mechanical Dura Ace ($6000) and Di2 ($10,000).  The mechanical Dura Ace model uses the UCI compatible “P5-3” fork while the Di2 version includes Magura RT-8 carbon brakes, removable fairing, 3T Aduro bar and the deeper “P5-6” fork.
  • “Magura RT-8 brakes” = carbon hydraulic road brakes and the P5 is the first production aero bike to offer hydraulic brakes.  This could be a game changer and a sign for all TT bikes in the future as we expect these to work extremely well.  The prebuilt mechanical Dura Ace bike comes with the RT-6 hydraulic brake, the alloy version of the RT-8.
  • A third party company will offer a variety of add-on integrated storage solutions for the P5.
  • BBRight.   Cervelo’s smart asymmetric bottom bracket/chainstay design is now on the P5 and that means even better drivetrain response.
  • Aerodynamics.  In a few words – “better than ever”.   The P5 takes the already impressive aero numbers of the P4 and improves upon them in every way.  Thankfully, the P5 does this without a lot of the limiting complexity found in most of the integrated aero bikes on the market right now.
  • Simplicity.  Unlike a number of competitors, the P5 is compatible with any standard aerobar/stem and doesn’t use much of anything that requires special componentry.   Another benefit is that there are no mechanically proprietary parts, meaning that you can get parts for the P5 anywhere in the world that carries standard bike parts.  This is something many of the P5’s competitors cannot claim.  From what we’ve heard, it is awful having your “super bike” out of commission because you can’t get a proprietary bolt or the like when doing in Ironman in Spain…
  • Storage.  A range of integrated aero storage solutions for nutrition, hydration and tools will be available.
  • Geometry.   A wider range of athletes will fit on the P5 well compared to the P4.
  • A tri bike first and foremost.  While previous Cervelo aero bikes were designed with TT use as the primary focus and with tri as the secondary, the P5 shows that Cervelo is focusing 100% on making the best tri bike they can.   From fit to features, this bike is a triathletes ride first and foremost.  Luckily, the TT abilities of the P5 were not harmed in doing so – the P5 is still going to make an excellent TT specific bike.
  • AeroZone Engineering takes into account that all aspects of the bike and rider interface are unique and require small detailed solutions to maximize the aerodynamics.  From small sweeps at the end of the top tube to the unique shape of the seatpost, these details were created based on the fact that a dynamic rider is the major aerodynamic impediment and you have to minimize the rider’s negative effects to maximize aero time savings.

With the P5, Cervelo managed to progress while going back to basics and simplifying many things from the P4 – a notable accomplishment.  We look forward to getting our first one in March and finding out more!

Call or email us for more info and/or to get your name on the list!

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