Top Road Bicycle Innovations of the Past 20 Years

As Fit Werx heads into its 22nd year of providing rider first bike fittings and rider matched bike sales, it seems like an apt time to take a trip down the memory lane of cycling technology.

Since our inception, a lot has changed in terms of the products and services we offer.  In a number of ways, bicycle technology has changed more in the past two decades than the fifty years prior.  It has been nothing short of revolutionary.   We touched on this in a past article, but it is time for a more comprehensive exploration of the technology that has changed the bikes we ride.

There will be some contention in this list and mountain bike innovations deserve their own article.  This being said, in no particular order, these are the road and triathlon bike innovations that have been the most monumental since the year 2000.

We’ll plan on profiling each of these moving forward and we’ll link them here accordingly.   So, stay tuned and enjoy the ride and the memories with us!

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