Top Road Bicycle Innovations of the Past Twenty Years: Smart Trainers 2.0

Top Road Bicycle Innovations of the Past Twenty Years: Smart Trainers 2.0

The futuristic looking TACX Neo 2 Smart TrainerWe recently released our list of the top road and triathlon bike innovations that have come out since the inception of Fit Werx in 2001.  Smart indoor bike trainers is definitely on this list.

While the first readily available smart trainers came out in the ‘80’s, computer technology has come a long way since.   With it, the smart trainer has gone from an Atari Space Invaders type experience to real world video simulations and virtual ride and race groups taking place around the world.

Much credit is due to CompuTrainer for pioneering the original computerized training concept, but when Wahoo Direct Drive came out in 2012 it harnessed the power of the internet and ushered a new era.   The depth of companies now pursuing digital cycling nirvana, and the quality of the experience, is exceptional.  CompuTrainer made indoor training more effective, but the internet made it a whole lot more fun and realistic.

Today, Zwift has become a household word in any rider’s house while apps like Rouvy and Fulgaz allow you to experience rides around the world from your basement.

Smart Trainers have improved reliability in recent years and are available starting under $400.   Even entry level models work with dozens of apps.  While costing more, full featured indoor bikes that can be shared between riders easily and can do everything from simulate climb angle to road surface simulations are also becoming more accessible.  Today is the golden era of smart trainers 2.0.

If you want to learn more about the options, we keep a range of smart trainers in-stock and have demo units set-up.  We’re happy to ship and our prices are always the same as buying from the manufacturer directly, but you’ll get an extra layer of support and set-up assistance in exchange.  Contact us.


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