Gunnar/Waterford Cycles Review and Overview

Waterford Disc Road

Gunnar Bicycles and Waterford Bicycles

Wateford LugBeing owned by members of the Schwinn family, Waterford Bicycles and Gunnar Bicycles are storied names in the bicycle industry. Both brands are located under the same roof in Waterford, Wisconsin with Waterford being focused on a range of full custom steel bicycles and Gunnar being focused on stock and custom geometry steel frames focused on hitting a great price point for a made by hand in the U.S.A. bike. Waterford offers three different levels of steel frame, including lugged work. Their lugged frames are beautiful works of functional art with hand cut lugs and great detail works that are reminiscent of the Italian masters of frame building from decades ago.

This being said, Waterford and Gunnar aren’t afraid of the future and, from BB30 to 44m headtubes, they offer the range of modern frame options as well. They have a great paint shop and are one of our favorite manufacturers to work with as they are just good folks who like to build great fitting and riding bikes.


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