Fatback Bikes Manufacturer Review and Profile


Fatback Skookum SideFatback Bikes – Alaskan Fat Bike Original

At Fit Werx, we like to carry brands that show focus and specialization at what they do whenever we can. When it comes to Fat Bikes, Fatback Bikes from Alaska is a core original. From Iditabike competition to fun four season rides with your friends, good luck finding a brand that has more credibility, innovation and versatility building Fat Bikes than Fatback.

Fatback’s bike line is compact and efficient with three models in carbon and aluminum and four different levels of components and wheels. They have all the bases well covered and their expertise and experience shows. The result are Fat Bikes that are not only some of the very best available in the winter, but also models that ride so well that may just replace your regular MTB in the summer too…

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