2011 Felt Z5 – Versatile Performer


Felt Bicycles “Z” series is Fit Werx’s most popular line of Felt road bicycles. The geometry of the “Z” series makes it a good choice for all-around versatility, whether for the serious racer, or recreational use, for many riders. The Felt Z5 is constructed with a full carbon fiber frame and fork and Felt has brought carbon fiber technology hitherto reserved for its top-of-the line bikes down to more entry level prices. Priced at $2,099.00, the Z5 shows that you do not have to spend a lot to get features that were normally reserved for much higher price points not long ago.

The Z5 is a really well spec’d bike at its price point and the full Shimano 105/5700 groupo is hard to beat for the value it offers at this price. Unlike many competitors, Felt did not water the groupo down to hit the price – the Felt Z5 has a full 105 group, meaning that the shifter/brake levers, derailleurs, crankset, chain cassette, and brakes are all Shimano 105. Many bikes in this price category represent a jumble of components. For example, one major manufacturer advertises a 105 equipped carbon fiber bike, at a cost of $2,199.00, but neither the crankset or the brakes, are Shimano products and we can promise you that you would know the difference. Another major manufacturer’s fully Shimano 105 equipped bike costs $600 more than the Z5. Others in this category have some Shimano 105 components, but the crank and brakes are from lower level Shimano product lines, so performance will not reach the 105 level. The point is that bikes spec’d with complete component groups simply perform better and the Z5 has a full 2011 105 group and most of the competition does not.

Because the Felt Z5 is fully equipped with Shimano 105, the drivetrain works as a unit in typical Shimano fashion, in other words impeccably. The front crankset and chainrings are stiff, and with the 105 derailleur, shifts between the large and small chainring are quick and precise, hallmarks of the Shimano crank and front derailleur combination. The feel of the brake levers is solid, and the brakes are powerful. These are all attributes very rarely found in bikes in this price category.

The Z5 not only offers a versatile fit geometry in a full carbon fiber frame and fork, designed in-house by Felt’s own engineers, but also one of the best component spec options at the pricepoint with a full Shimano 105 components. If you are looking for a road bike in the $2000 range, be sure to check out a new Felt Z5. This is a hard bike to beat in this price and they are available through us now.

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