Moots Vamoots – A Legendary Titanium Frame Design

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Materials: U.S. Made 3/2.5 Seamless Titanium
Geometry: Stock Moots Vamoots Endurance Road geometry.  Available variable headtube length or Full Custom geometry.
Price Category:
Frameset: $3500-$4500. Built bikes from $4700+
Factory Spec or Fit Werx Rider Matched.

Who is it for?  If you are looking for a single road bike that you want to potentially do everything with and value balanced ride over maximal stiffness, the Moots Vamoots likely checks off a lot of boxes that should be on your list.

Noteworthy: From ride to handling, the Moots Vamoots is a perennial classic that epitomizes the finer points and benefits of titanium.   Also, as with any Moots, good luck finding a stronger and prettier weld…

Bottom Line:  Like the Colnago MasterLight, the Cannondale CAAD or the Cervelo R5, the Moots Vamoots has become a classic in the pantheons of frame design.   And for good reason, the Moots Vamoots encapsulates the reasons why many people buy titanium in one refined and well-priced package that fits a wide range of riders.  The Moots Vamoots uses a stock geometry that has become known in the bike industry as an “Endurance” based road geometry, which really means little more than the Moots Vamoots has a versatile geometry that is not as low and long as some and has handling designed to be more stability based than hyper quick.  For most riders, this “Endurance” geometry is the right direction to be exploring.

This being said, at Fit Werx, we don’t really think about bike fit as being “Endurance” based or “Race” based; the bottom line is that the frame’s geometry should not determine your riding position.   Instead, your ideal riding position should determine the frame geometry options that fit best; once we find the bikes that actually fit well, we review the handling and stability characteristics of the frames that fit best to find the ones that make the most sense in other important categories like handling, stability, and rider appropriate stiffness.  What we have found is that for many performance oriented recreational riders, the Moots Vamoots works well on all counts and, when it comes to fit, Moots offers the ability to select some change in headtube length from the stock geometry without extra charge if needed.  The Moots Vamoots is available in full custom geometry as well.

The stock Moots Vamoots (which includes Moots own matched carbon fiber fork) hits the sweetspot for many riders as it provides that great snappy life, plush ride and balanced feel that titanium is known for along with Moots’ signature “on rails” handling.  Like that person who is marriage material, the Moots Vamoots may not be the most dramatic or flashy, but when it comes to treating you right day in and day out, this classic beauty is a long-term winner as it is built for how most riders actually ride their bike.

With the comfort and stability to handle long century plus days and enough liveliness and snap to keep hills and sprinting fun, the Moots Vamoots remains relatively unchanged year after year because it just plain does a really good job with most everything.  If you want that classic titanium ride and durability built to the highest quality standards in the business, the Moots Vamoots is for you.  If you want the same thing, but you want disc brakes, the Moots Vamoots DR is outlined below and combines everything that makes the standard Moots Vamoots a winner for so many with the power and modulation of today’s progressive road disc brake systems and a fork and frame construction specific to the demands created by disc brakes.

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