Moots Psychlo X RSL – A Race Capable Titanium CX Bike for the Ages

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Material: Over-Sized Double Butted Seamless 3/2.5 Titanium with 6/4 Titanium Chainstays

Geometry: Stock Moots CX Race Geometry.  Available variable headtube length or Full Custom geometry.

Price Category: Frameset: $4500-$5500. Built bikes $7000+.

Components: Factory Spec or Fit Werx Rider Matched.

Who is it for?  The cyclocross rider/racer who does not want a disposable bike and values the reliability, ride quality and liveliness that only a great titanium race focused cyclocross frame can offer. Available with disc brakes or cantilevers.

Noteworthy: 2012 NAHBS (North American HandBuilt Bike Show) “Best Cyclocross Bike” winner.

Bottom Line:  Nothing puts up with the inherent knocks and beating that jumping on and off the bike and crashing presents the way a quality titanium frame does.  While many cyclocross racers choose bikes that they end up replacing every year or two, the Moots Psychlo X RSL offers a totally different approach.   The Moots Psychlo X RSL is built so that you can ride the frame indefinitely, allowing you to truly bond and become one with the nuances of your race bike in ways that are not possible if you are changing it out constantly.

The Moots Psychlo X RSL is not just another ti bike though – it is a Moots and it is a RSL.  Being a Moots means that it is built to the highest standards and tolerances possible while being a RSL means that it uses the most refined performance tubing Moots can produce.  RSL is over-sized double butted titanium that is tuned by Moots to suit the size of the bike as well as possible and is designed to maximize drivetrain response and torsional rigidity while minimizing weight.  RSL also means that the frame is built with the full litany of over-sized performance based frame features like a 44mm tapered fork/headtube and BB30 PF.  The result is that the Moots Psyclo X RSL frame competes very, very well with the best carbon frames in terms of acceleration and power transfer while offering the rhythm, plushness and durability that can only be found in ti.

Yes, the Moots Psychlo X RSL costs more initially than many of its disposable competitors.  However, factor that cost over 5-10 years where you may go through five or more frames from other brands and the Moots not only rides, fits and performs better, but it also saves money.

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