Moots Enters the E-Bike Market with the Adventure Based Express

Moots Express in a nutshell.

Moots, one of the leading manufacturers of titanium bicycles located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, has ventured into the E-bike market. Being a pioneer in the gravel bike segment, Moots has the expertise to construct a versatile drop-bar bike that can go anywhere and do anything, which is evident from its Routt series. The Express is their first electric assist bike. It is powered by the dependable Shimano EP-801 drive unit supported by a 504-watt Shimano battery. The Express has multiple mounting options for bottles, fenders, and cargo if required. The Moots Express assists up to 28 MPH. It boasts a potential range of 100 miles. This bicycle can take you almost everywhere you want to go.

A Carbon Frame?


Moots, with 40 years of experience in US-based manufacturing, is a leading expert in using titanium for bike frames. Moots opted for carbon over titanium to stay true to their roots as a frame design company. Both carbon and titanium have advantages and limitations in terms of manufacturing. The mid-mounted motor and battery system’s size and weight, and increased power output, make carbon a better choice for the Express frame. Frame designers can create shapes with carbon that are difficult to achieve with Titanium.

E-bikes for Everyone

The range and versatility of the Moots Express make it a bike many riders should consider. The geometry of the bike allows us to accommodate a wide range of fit needs. The assistance of the battery gives any rider the ability to go further, faster than with a standard bicycle. The anticipated range allows the rider to explore areas that they otherwise might not. Whether a rider is looking to increase their range or ride with faster friends, The Moots Express is an excellent option.


How Far Can I Go

The range anyone can expect from an electric bike is directly related to how much assistance is used. The range of the Moots Express was confirmed in the mountains around Steamboat Springs. This gives riders confidence in how long their battery will last. In our experience, it is very rare for a rider to drain a battery from fully charged to empty in one ride.




Shimano EP801- Shimano’s new motor

The Shimano EP801 drive unit is the latest motor from Shimano, representing the fourth generation. Shimano incorporated the knowledge and experience gained from the EP7000, EP600, and EP800 motors in the EP801. The Shimano EP801 is the most effective drive unit to date. On the Moots Express, the EP801 comes with a 504 Wh battery that will assist you up to 28 MPH. The Ep801 motor has 3 levels of assistance.  The Shimano e-tube Project controls the amount of assistance and power used to get the help you are looking for. The Shimano e-tube Project also controls aspects of the Linkglide DI2 drivetrain that the Moots Express comes with.


Shimano Linkglide Di2 – E-bike specific drivetrain

Shimano’s latest drivetrain technology, Linkglide Di2, is featured on the Moots Express. Linkglide Di2 features electric shifting, designed specifically for E-bike use. The drivetrain uses a modern 1x specific design with a wide-range cassette (11-50 with a 454% range). The cassette features taller and thicker teeth, along with specially designed shifting ramps. These features are matched with the Linkglide specific chain and derailleur. This combination completes a system that is designed to be shifted under full load from both the rider and motor. From our own experiences owning and servicing E-bikes, it is no secret that E-bikes wear out traditional drivetrains at a faster rate due to the increased power. With the Linkglide system, Shimano is claiming a 300% improvement in drivetrain wear at the cassette. In addition to the greatly improved shifting under load, and dramatic increase in durability, Linkglide Di2 has a few other tricks up its sleeve.

Drivetrain and Bicycle Charging All in One

In a typical electronic shifting system, whether that be Shimano Di2, Sram AXS, or Campagnolo EPS, the derailleurs are powered by separate, rechargeable battery systems. In the case of Linkglide Di2 on the new EP801 motor, rather than have an additional, separate Di2 battery to power the drivetrain, the Linkglide drivetrain taps directly into the main E-bike battery for power. That means when you charge your E-bike, you are charging the drivetrain as well, simplifying the ownership experience by eliminating redundant batteries and chargers. In addition to powering the drivetrain, the main battery can also power accessories like headlights and tail lights to further tap into the power of the main 504wh battery.

Linkglide Changes the Shifting Paradigm

Shimano has created an integrated system where the motor, battery, and drivetrain can share power and data.  Linkglide Di2 when combined with the EP801 motor unlocks several modes of shifting that have never been possible before.  The rider can shift gears on the fly while pedaling like a traditional drivetrain. The Moots Express offers Freeshift mode, which allows the bike to change gears while coasting or while stopped. For example, if you find yourself stopped mid-way up a steep climb in the wrong gear, you can shift gears while stationary, to resume your climb in an easier gear. Additionally, the Moots Express features Autoshift function. this allows the bike to shift on its own like an automatic car transmission. Linkglide DI2 uses your speed, cadence and exertion data to select the right gear. These systems are easily customized with toggle on/off functionality, as expected from Shimano. Needless to say, the Linkglide Di2 system provides many innovative features that we are excited about.

What about the rest of the Moots Express

The Moots Express bike boasts a sleek front end with hydraulic brake lines and electric wires fully integrated within the cockpit. Moots designed the MOD system to conceal the wires on the Express . The handlebar, stem, and fork take care of the front end. The MOD theme is completed with the MOD carbon seatpost. The Shimano GRX wheels have carbon rims with an internal width of 25mm. These are perfect for accommodating a wide range of tires. The Shimano hubs use the tried and true cup and cone design. The Panaracer SK+ tires provide a great balance of rolling resistance and grip on loose terrain. The design of the Moots Express accepts a suspension fork such as the RockShox Rudy or the Fox 32 TC. The full complement of fender and rackmounts adds versatility to the Moots Express.


When Moots announced the Express, we heard opinions from many riders. The responses were widely varied. While no bike is perfect for everyone, the Moots Express deserves consideration from a wide variety of riders. The Moots Express is currently in stock in limited quantities. Contact us if you would like to know more about the Moots Express.

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