Interbike New Products: Cerevellum Hindsight 35 Cycling Computer/Camera


The recently ended  Eurobike show, and the ongoing Interbike show in Las Vegas, have given manufacturers, large and small, an opportunity to introduce new products to market.  One that caught our attention is a bike computer made by Cerevellum that is a computer and a whole lot more.  On the surface, it is a seven function computer, offering what would be considered basic computer functions of speed, average speed, maximum speed, distance, total miles, time, and ride time.  However, this computer has a neat trick up its sleeve…

We all know the hazard of vehicle traffic coming up behind us on the road.  It is nice to be able to see what is going on behind you.  Unfortunately, most bike mirrors are a compromise at best.  Helmet or glasses mounted mirrors are small, and for many of us, too close to our faces to be use effectively.  Handlebar mirrors stick out, often with imperfect reflective surfaces, and they vibrate from road vibration, making rear viewing difficult, and can giggle or be easily bumped out of position.  Of course, you can always swivel around to look behind you, but that presents its own set of problems and potential dangers.  Cerevellum has come up with an ingenious solution – a compact rear mounted digital video camera.  The Cerevellum Hindsight 35 system includes a camera/rear LED light, mounted to your seatpost.  This camera transmits a video feed to the computer head’s 3.5 inch LCD screen, allowing the rider to see to the rear with a simple glance at the screen.  The computer stores 10 minutes of video.  The computer is ANT+ compatible.  Apps can be purchased and downloaded from Cerevellum to provide cadence, heart rate, and power data from ANT+ transmitters, such as Garmin sensors, PowerTap rear hubs, and SRM or Quark cranksets, among other products.  This system can therefore provide all of the information that a cyclist may want, while offering a safe, clear, stored image of what is going on behind the rider.  Want to see that racer (or eighteen wheeler…) starting to accelerate behind you before he or she blows by?  Want see who may be chasing you down after a break?  No need to imitate Andy Schleck by spending more time looking over your shoulder than looking forward – simply look at your computer.  The picture will be right there, along with your speed, heart rate and power data output.  Want the license number of that car that came a bit too close?  The license number will appear in the stored video clip!

All in all, a clever idea.   What do you think?

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