Fit Werx Gives Back

Fit Werx Gives Back

Your Cause Is Important to Us


Are you or someone you know planning on participating in a Benefit or Charity cycling event? If so, Fit Werx would like to donate to your fundraising effort and help you reach your goal.  With every purchase you or someone you know makes at Fit Werx, you will earn Fit Werx charitable dollars which will then be donated directly to your organization.

Q) So how does it work?

A) Simply let the Fit Werx location you use most frequently know via email or phone what event you are doing and would like your contribution.  We’ll do the rest…  email: or  Note:  It is best to let us know the week before your event in order to maximize your annual purchases to date.

Q) How much will Fit Werx contribute to my fundraising efforts?

A) For annual purchases between $500 and $1500 we’ll donate $20.  For annual purchases between $1500 and $5000 we’ll donate $50.  For annual purchases over $5000, we’ll donate $100.  Note: Donation amounts are doubled for Team Fit Werx Tier 2 and Tier 3 members!

Q) When will my charity receive the donation from Fit Werx?

A) Fit Werx will make the donation the week of your event either via check or through your online fundraising site.

Q) I have friends and family that cycle but aren’t riding in my event. Can their purchases be put towards my fundraising efforts?

A) Absolutely! All you have to do is tell your family and friends to mention your fundraising efforts at check-out and we will gladly credit their pre-tax spending to your total.

Q) My Charity is not a tax-exempt 501(c)(3)nonprofit, will Fit Werx still make a donation to my charity?

A) Unfortunately, Fit Werx can only make donations to charitable organizations that are classified under the IRS code 501(c)(3) as nonprofit.

Q) Are all my purchases included in this program?

A) Yes. Starting on the day you sign up until the day of your event, every purchase from the previous year (fitting services, new bike purchase, holiday gift card purchases, etc.) will be included.

Fit Werx realizes that charity and benefit rides are important to the folks who are riding for a variety of reasons, as well as the funding needed to help change the future of the beneficiary. We hope that giving back to your event will help accomplish your fundraising goals.

Good Luck!

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