Cervelo Disc Brake Bikes for 2016 – A Glimpse at the Future and Gravel Beware!

'16 Cervelo C5 DiscThe new Cervelo disc brake bike prototypes were shown to dealers at Cervelo’s annual dealer education gathering (“Brainbike”) at the end of the summer. However, we were asked not to talk about them then, and we didn’t. The embargo is up now though!  Without further delay, introducing the new Cervelo R3 Disc, C3 and C5.

Cervelo’s disc brake equipped road bike offerings include the R3 Disc. The Cervelo R3 Disc is a pavement based road disc bike designed to offer similar ride characteristics to the venerable caliper brake equipped R3, but with a disc specific design. In addition to the R3 Disc, the arguably bigger news is the new series of “C” bikes that will initially consist of the Cervelo C3 and Cervelo C5.   The “C” series bikes have slacker head tube angles, lower bottom brackets, longer stays and a taller fork span and are capable of taking tires (potentially up to 35mm).  These bikes should work quite well for everything from Gran Fondo riding, recreational racing, to just exploring backroads. We expect the new Cervelo C3 and C5 to be well placed for the type of riding and bike many people are looking for today. Versatile performance for every road is simply a great combination; the Cervelo C3 and C5 are well positioned to be very good one bike solutions for many road riders.

'16 Cervelo C5 DropoutsThe new bikes all feature frames that were designed from the ground up to maximize their potential with disc brakes. This meant that Cervelo did not just throw some disc mounts onto a R series frame and fork. The entire Cervelo R3 Disc frameset was designed taking the very different loads disc brakes prescribe on the bike into account at every level. From flat mount thru-axle dropouts, to redesigning Cervelo’s asymetric BBRight chainstays and bottom bracket to address the very different loads presented by disc brakes, Cervelo sweated the details on making sure their disc brake equipped road bikes perform. The new Cervelo C3 and C5 take all the disc specific design protocols of the R3 Disc into account, but in a package designed more around performance based adventure riding than a dedicated road race package.

As stated above, we expect the C bikes to offer great versatility and performance and the frame geometry, like the current R series, should fit a number of riders well. Just be sure to have a Fit Werx Rider First Fitting in advance of buying to find out whether a new Cervelo is a good decision for you. If you have been fit before by Fit Werx, just ask and we can Rider Match your position from your fitting to find out how well a new Cervelo will work for you. If it is a good match, our career based technicians will assemble your new Cervelo right to your fit numbers with our full Fit Werx Pro Build at no extra charge.

We don’t know pricing or exact ship dates yet, but we expect that the pricing will be in a similar range as the current R3 and R5 options. Based on how Cervelo has handled their last few new releases, the Cervelo R3 Disc, Cervelo C3 and Cervelo C5 should should be shipping soon and we are accepting pre-orders at this time.

Contact a Fit Werx location for additional information about the range of Cervelo disc brake equipped bikes for 2016 or to make an appointment for a Rider First Bike Fitting so that you can have your new bike ready to ride well in advance of spring!

Fit Werx, voted “America’s Best Bike Shop”, is an authorized dealer of Cervelo Bicycles with bike shop and fitting locations outside of NYC in Ridgefield Park, NJ, in Peabody and Lexington, MA and near Burlington, VT and Stowe, VT in Waitsfield. Fit Werx is changing the way people buy bicycles through their Rider First Bike Fittings and Rider Matched approach to bike sales. Don’t gamble on your next bike or your fit! Contact us for more information.

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