Zipp Trade-In Speed-Up Program

Zipp Trade-In Speed-Up Program

Do you have Zipp wheels now?  Would you prefer to have a new pair?  A new pair of Zipp’s with all the new technology (wider rims, dimpling, better braking, disc brake compatibility, less side wind effect…)?

Are you not getting a new disc brake bike because you have nice caliper brake wheels?

Is getting rid of your old Zipp wheels a reason you aren’t getting a new pair?

We now offer a program that can help you get new Zipp wheels and will give you money for your old pair.  Introducing the Zipp Trade-In Speed-Up Program.

The basics of the program are that you make an appointment and bring your Zipp wheel(s) to a Fit Werx location.  We will then ask a few questions and submit a form.  Within seconds of submitting, we can give you the value that Zipp will offer on your wheel(s) toward a new pair.   If you accept the offer, you can leave with a new set of Zipp wheels (or having ordered a new set).

One year old or 20 years old, all Zipp wheels are eligible for the program.  Obviously newer wheels will be worth more, otherwise the only stipulation is that the carbon  rims must be in good shape – not structurally damaged.

This is a great way to convert disc brakes without having to sell your old wheels to do so.  It is also a great way to simply get on the latest technology.  Zipp wheels may look similar to ten years ago, but they have come a long way in the past few years in terms of how they ride.

Contact Us to learn more about the Zipp Trade-In Speed-Up program.

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