SciCon Aerocomfort Soft Triathlon Travel Case

SciCon Aerocomfort Soft Triathlon Travel Case

Triathlon Bike Travel Made Easier!

Scicon Aerocomfort PackedMany triathletes face a real problem when they want to fly with their bikes – tri-bikes simply do not fit in conventional travel cases very well. Aerodynamic concerns have made the front end of many triathlon bikes almost nightmarishly complicated, and removal and reassembly of the bars has become a major undertaking, one bike mechanics are loathe to perform, let alone most triathletes. Who needs another stressor right before a race?

The SciCon Aerocomfort Concept:

SciCon makes some of the best travel cases in the world. Their Aerotech hard case is the definition of simplicity in travel cases and SciCon has addressed the needs of the triathlete with the well designed Aerocomfort Triathlon Case. The Aerocomfort is a soft case designed around the idea that the basebar and aero extensions of a tri bike should stay in place whenever possible. In most applications, the only parts of the bike that need to be removed are the wheels, and the case has two pockets for them. Even the pedals can remain on the bike in most cases. You may need to lower the saddle a bit, depending on your leg length. Otherwise, that it is for bike disassembly.

Packing the Bike:

Scicon Aerocomfort FrameworkThe hard base of the case has a metal framework, with two quick release mounts. The front and Scicon Aerocomfort Strapsrear dropouts of the frame fit into these mounts and are secured with quick release skewers that come with the case. The fork mount slides in and out, allowing the case to accommodate bikes of varying lengths, as well as horizontal rear wheel dropouts, such as on the Cervelo P2 pictured.

Two adjustable straps extend upward from the metal base framework over the top of the aero base bar, one on each side of the stem. There is a sleeve that fits over the saddle, and another adjustable strap extends upward from the base and through loops on that sleeve. Once these straps are tightened, the frame is held firmly to the metal base. The Aerocomfort also has an adjustable strap that pulls connects the two sides ofScicon Aerocomfort Bike Mount the case so they will not bulge out once the bike is packed and case zipped up.

The SciCon Aerocomfort Triathlon case comes with two padded, hook and loop sleeves that can be used to help protect the top tube. There is also a padded sleeve to fit over the aero extensions and shifters. However, this sleeve is of only one size, and will only work if the extensions are not more than 12 cm wide, or 4.75″, wide, as measured toScicon Aerocomfort Wheel Compartment the outside of the aero extension tubes. The case comes with a drawstring bag, as well as another bag for storage of the case.

Wheels are stored in separate zipped compartments that are integrated into the sides of the soft case.

The TSA Issue:

Sometimes all the careful placement and protection you have done for your bike is for not as the TSA can unwrap things, move them and even punctures things (like inflated airbag protection in some soft cases) during inspection. The SciCon Aerocomfort case arguably takes the most straight-forward approach of any soft case to the TSA issue by making it easy for the TSA to see the contents and locking the bike in one place with the quick release mounts. It is unlikely anyone is going to remove a bike that is attached to mounts during inspection and because so little disassembly there is lower risk of other items being moved or unwrapped either. While not case can completely prevent every scenario, the SciCon Aerocomfort is the cleanest solution that we have seen yet in a soft case to the TSA issue.

Transportation & Sizing:

Transportation of the packed case is easy. Two padded straps allow you to carry the case over your shoulder and the SciCon Aerocomfort case also has four casters mounted to the base so that the bike and case can be easily wheeled through the airport or parking lot.

The SciCon Aerocomfort Triathlon case comes in only one size. SciCon says, “One size fits all”. This is mostly true. Bikes with really wide aerobars, for example, could be an issue. At 45 cm, or 15.75″ wide end-end, the base bar on the 54 cm Cervelo in the pictures was stretching the front of the case to just about its maximum width.

When not in use, the soft case collapses size that is significantly smaller than a hard case.


As of this writing, the SciCon Aerocomfort is $670. While at the higher end of the scale for soft cases, it is in the middle of the range of many hard cases and easier to use and it is a fair amount less than SciCon’s Aerotech hard case.


For simplicity of packing, and overall quality, I know of no other bike case that work as well as SciCons range of product. The SciCon Aerocomfort Triathlon is the answer to triathletes flying with their bikes to far-off races. This case makes packing so much simpler and reassembly at your destination almost a non-issue. Simply put the wheels on the bike, reset your saddle height (if you had to lower it), and away you go. No more worrying about whether the bike has been reassembled properly right before the start of a race.

Tired of wrestling to get your tri-bike in your shipping case? Contact Us about the SciCon Aerocomfort Triathlon case.

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