Parlee Bikes 2010

Parlee makes some of the nicest stock and custom carbon fiber frames on the market and the Parlee Manufacturer Profile has just been updated on our site for 2010.

Road Riders:  Be sure to check out the brand new Z5 road frames – one of our favorite stock frames for 2010 as it offers an incredible array of fit options, as well as the legendary Parlee quality and ride, at a price that is the same or less than many top quality frames from the big generic builders.   Oh, and did we mention that the Parlee Z5 is also incredibly light – our first units have been under 900 grams!

Triathletes and TT riders:  Be sure to check out the Stock TT, which is rapidly becoming one of our favorite stock aero frames for its great combination of fit options, high quality ride, top level manufacturing, NACA based aero profile, light weight and mechanical logic.

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