Guru Praemio Review

Guru Praemio Review

Guru Praemio

Guru-Sidero Material: 3/2.5 titanium w/multiple tubing options.

Geometry: Stock or Custom

Price Category: Framesets $2500-$3500. Built bikes $4500+.

Components: Factory Specs or Fit Werx Rider Matched

Who is it for? The Guru Praemio is for the discriminating road rider (or cyclocross rider) who is looking for a frame that can last forever and gives you all that a top quality butted titanium frame can offer at a value based price.

Noteworthy: The Guru Praemio looks better than ever and is offering tubing tunability and quality that is equal or better to what other established titanium custom builders in the market are offering. You also can get many of Guru’s great looking custom finish options on the Praemio at a price that is below most other ti builders.

Bottom Line: Frame materials are like gem stones in that there are many levels or quality and purity. While there are cheap titanium frames available, we’d avoid them like the plague as they will ride just like they are built – cheaply. The Guru Praemio, translated as “the prize or reward” from Latin, does not fall into this category; it is a top grade titanium frame that offers high grade rider matched 3/2.5 titanium tubing in conjunction with harder 6/4 machined dropouts. This frame does not try to use fancy shapes or marketing to create the impression that it is anything that it is not; it is a classic rider tuned titanium frame that has the attention to detail and fabrication quality that all great ti bikes deserve. The result is that it rides like all great ti frames do – with life and inspiration – in a word, “Exceptionally”. As an added bonus, the Guru Praemio can be built right to your specifications. Ride it, race it, keep it forever…

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