Zipp Brings High Performance Rim Braking Down in Price

Zipp recently announced that most of their standard level of carbon Firecrest equipped rim brake wheels will be receiving the high performance Showstopper brake track previously only available on the top of the line NSW wheels. The Showstopper braking surface, in combination with the matched brake pads, offers stronger braking and improved performance in dry and wet conditions compared to the previous generation Firecrest 303, 404 and 808 wheels.

Pricing of the Firecrest wheels changed little to none with the Showstopper upgrade.  The trickle down of Showstopper to many Zipp Firecrest wheels means that one of the more advanced multi-condition braking tracks on the market is now available on wheelsets starting at $2100.

We have a few pair of non-Showstopper Zipp wheels in-stock that are available at a reduced price. We’d also be happy to help you out with a pair of ’19 Firecrest wheels. If you have been waiting for advanced braking to come down in price, it has…  Contact us

If you are interested in additional information on how two of the most popular carbon wheel manufacturers on earth compare, read this.

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