Top Road Bicycle Technology of the Past Twenty Years – Classified Systems Internal Shifting

Possibly the most recent innovation on the list, Classified’s Powershift electronically actuated rear hub eliminates the most mechanically finicky and one of the least sophisticated components on a bike – the front derailleur.

Introduced in 2022, Classified Powershift technology has the potential to change the way we shift for the better.  Classified has created a reliable, ultra-fast and compact PowerShift system that addresses the deficiencies of both the 1x and the 2x drivetrain.  If the simplicity of 1x and the gearing progressions of 2x sound attractive to you, Classified should be on your radar.

Currently available for road and gravel bikes with additional gearing options planned soon.   We look forward to seeing where Classified takes their concept and how the system works for MTB and Urban bikes as well.

For more information, read our initial overview of the Classified Powershift system.

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