I have not done GMSR in 9 years. My goal was to get as close to 15 minutes as I could on the opening stage. Based on the times from last year in the 40+ field, I knew if I could break 15 minutes I would be in a good place. I went 15:04 which I was very happy with. Unfortunately it was a fast day and the top 20 guys went sub-15. These times were on par with the P-1-2 fields. I currently sit in 26th place in the 40+ field at 48 seconds back. I draw some solace from the fact that I would have been 6th in the Cat 3 field. I'm not willing to risk my life for that however. I am inspired by the speed of guys well into there 40s.

Looking at my file from the race, my power was consistent with the last few weeks and my heart rate was pegged at 180+. She don't beat much faster than that. I don't think I could have gone any harder although I could have sprinted harder at the end and possibly gone under 15 minutes. Good goal for next year. Stage 2 starts at 1:10 this afternoon. Not sure how I am going to race it, but I dream of getting the 48 seconds back.

Philip Beliveau had a great ride in the 50+ finishing in 15:32 and currently sits in 8th place. He is a great climber so I have high hopes for a top-5. Dean Phillips is in the Cat 2 field. He was on pace yesterday to go sub-14 before he jammed his chain on the final incline. This cost him a few minutes and further confirms that bike racing can offer the highest highs and the lowest lows. I have a sneaking suspicion he will unleash his frustration in a big way today!

GMSR is a GREAT race and the weather this weekend is spectacular. I feel very fortunate to be racing this year and look forward to the rest of the stages. Stay tuned for more updates…


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