Parlee ESX Review

Parlee ESX Review

Parlee ESX

Parlee ESX Material: Parlee Recurve Aero Carbon Fiber

Geometry: Stock Parlee road geometry.

Price Category: Frameset w/fork and headset: $5000+. Built bikes start around $6500.

Components: Factory Spec or Fit Werx Rider Matched.

Who is it for? The Parlee ESX is for the rider who would like the watt saving benefits of an aero tubed road bike without having to accept the compromise of a harsh ride that plagues many race level aero tubed bikes.

Noteworthy: The Parlee ESX is quite possibly the best riding aero tubed road bike on the market. It still rides like a Parlee…

Bottom Line: The Parlee ESX uses Parlee’s exclusive Recurve tubing design to create a frame that retains the balanced, responsive and smooth ride characteristics that Parlee’s bike are known for, while providing the extra efficiency and reduced drag that aero tubing can provide. The Parlee ESX is one of the fastest frames money can buy, but it is also one of the smoothest while remaining very light (under 1000 grams). The Parlee ESX is also available in a wide range of sizes and multiple headtube length/stack options within each top tube length/reach, so it fits a wider range of people well than many other bikes on the market. If you are looking for an aero road bike, the Parlee ESX should be on your short list.

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