Moots Mooto X – 29″ Wheel Equipped Titanium for the Trail

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Material: RSL = Over-Sized Double Butted Seamless 3/2.5 Titanium with 6/4 Titanium Chainstays.  Standard & YBB = Seamless 3/2.5 Titanium.
Geometry: Stock Moots XC Geometry.  Available variable headtube length or Full Custom geometry.

Price Category: Frameset: $3500-$5500. Built bikes $5000+.

Components: Factory Spec or Fit Werx Rider Matched.

Who is it for?  The Moots Mooto X, Moots Mooto X RSL and Moots Mooto X YBB are designed for the rider interested in a lightweight, reliable, lively and inspired ride with 29″ wheels.

Noteworthy:  The Mooto X line takes the proven 29″ wheel standard and provides the durability, handling and ride that only high grade titanium along with the attention to detail and tolerances a company only like Moots’ can provide.

Bottom Line:   No material puts up with the knocks, crashes and beating that are inherent to mountain biking the way that titanium does and few titanium bikes offer the quality and ride of a Moots Mooto X.  In standard format, the Moots Mooto X offers all that makes a Moots a Moots.  This means size specific top quality 3/2.5 titanium built with the tightest tolerances and some of the very best welds in the business.

In RSL format, the Moots Mooto X RSL is built with the most refined performance tubing Moots can produce.  RSL is double butted titanium that is tuned by Moots to suit the size of the bike as well as possible.  The RSL concept and tubing is designed to maximize drivetrain response and torsional rigidity while minimizing weight.  The result is a frame that competes very, very well with the best carbon frames in terms of acceleration and power transfer while offering the rhythm and durability that can only be found in ti.

In YBB format, the Moots Mooto X YBB is designed to provide all the features that make titanium a great choice for many riders while adding in the extra plushness of Moots’ established YBB passive suspension system.  YBB offers just enough travel to take the edge off most any tree root so that you can stay in the saddle for more hours.  Standard, YBB or RSL, the Moots Mooto X offers a great frame and the rolling ride of 29″ wheels.

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